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  • Spanyid Raider Lures 85 grams Metal Spinning Lure
    Spanyid Raider Metal Fishing Lures 85 grams Raider metal fishing lures have been on the market now for many years and are proven fish catches that are uniquely designed to imitate a fleeing baitfish. Spanyid Raider metal fishing lures are an awesome metal spinning type lure for saltwater that will…
    AUD $9.95
  • Shimano Colt Sniper Lure Cast
    Shimano Colt Sniper Lure for spinning and light jigging Modern metal fishing lures have come a long ways since the days of the basic chrome selection. The Shimano Colt Sniper lures come in a few sizes and a selection of great colours to choose between when ordering and these lures are proven to…
    AUD $9.95
  • 80% OFF 2.5 inch Sebile Bull Crank Shallow (Box of 4 Lures) SPM
    …4 Lures) - Colour SPM Shallow Model ♦ 4 Lures supplied for price ♦ One colour only (SPM) Spotted Mess ♦ 2.5 inch size ♦ 14 grams lure weight ♦ Shallow Runner - diving depth 4-7ft Sebile Bull Crank shallow runner fishing lures are impressively priced on our Sebile Lure
    AUD $11.95
  • Jaz Aussie 200 Lure
    Jaz Aussie 200 Lure – Murray Cod and Barramundi Fishing Lure Aussie designed lures come from years of experience fish Australian water ways for Australian fish. Tenterfield Lures constructed the Aussie for the Bi-Centenary back in 88 and the lure has endured, not through patriotism but through…
    AUD $17.95
  • X-Rap CountDown XRCD-7 Fishing Lure
    …all lure parts for quality. ♦ If it’s a quality lure you are looking for to stand up to the demands of today’s fishing the Rapala XRCD7 Fishing lure has it all from its construction right through to the finish. ♦ One of the great attributes to the design of Rapala XRCD7 lures
    AUD $16.95
  • Rapala Twitchin Mullet Lure
    …fishing Note: Image for illustration only – Price is for 1 lure only, select colour required when ordering. Buy In Bulk & Save Buy between 4-9 Twitchin mullet lures - save 10% off the price Buy 10+ Twitchin Mullet Lures - Save 15% off the price Benefits ♦ Outstanding versatility.…
    AUD $19.95
  • Shimano Stradic FK Reel (Small Sizes)
    …precision and sensitivity has to be felt to be appreciated. The action you’ll impart on your small lures will be unsurpassed and the feedback you get will be as though you are holding the lure in your hand. From vibes to unweighted plastics, you’ll dominate the rivers and estuaries with…
    AUD $239.00
  • Daiwa Sensor Surf Fishing Rod
    …you’ll tackle Tailor, mulloway, small sharks and more from the beach and rocks with ease. Great for most locations and species, flesh baits and lures. Type: Spin Length: 12 foot (365cm) Piece: 2 Action: Heavy Taper: Fast Cast Weight: 60-120g Recommended Line: 7-15kg 132s Sensor Surf - Is a…
    AUD $279.00
  • Ecogear SX40 Fishing Lures Bream Lure
    Ecogear SX40 Fishing Lure - Bream Lure Ecogear make some awesome fishing lures but none have seen a level of success like the mighty SX40. The Ecogear SX40 fishing lure is the standout” go to” lure amongst Bream anglers Australia wide. The Ecogear SX40fishing lure has a small profile and…
    AUD $18.95
  • NRL Team Fishing Lures
    …League) fishing lures. UseWith your NRL team on the fishing lure to attract a big catch. in your trap. NRL Rapala fishing lures are available for a limited time. It is an awesome collection boasting 16 different types of lures for fishing and Rugby lovers (price is based per each lure – make…
    AUD $7.47
  • Berkley Bream Lure Kit
    Berkley Bream Lure Kit It’s time to head out Breaming with a set of proven Bream lures that will also attract just about every other scaled critter across the inshore fishing grounds. The Berkley Bream Lure Kit is ideal for the fishing newbie or long time natural bait traditionalist looking to…
    AUD $10.95
  • Pro Lure Grubtail Lures (Packet)
    Pro Lure Grub Tail Soft Plastic Lures (Packet) Pro Lure Australia have always known that their lures were something special. They knew that their lures stood head and heels above the countless oceans of imitations pushed onto the market as uninspiring shelf filler. It was the decision to distance…
    AUD $9.95
  • Pro Lure Crank Diver Bream Lures
    Pro Lure Crank Hard body Diver Lure (Choose from Shallow S36 or Deep D36) While their soft plastic might be their staple, for Pro Lure, it is their Crank Hard body Diver Lure that is their pride and joy. Tweaked to within an inch of its life this is the fishing lure that is designed for the…
    AUD $14.95
  • Tsunami Stinger Lures - Metal Spinning Lure
    Tsunami Stinger spinning Lures – Metal Fishing Lure Casting metal slices is really the foundation, heart and soul of salt water lure fishing. It is so simple, been around for such a long time and a truly exciting way to fish. The Tsunami Stinger spinning Lures keep the tradition alive, not…
    AUD $4.95
  • Williamson Game fishing Lures Kit 6 Lures
    …fishing luresLures are skirted style trolling luresLures are approximately 14 to 16cm in length ♦ Includes saltwater resistant lure bag ♦ Lures are professionally pre rigged ready to use ♦ Great variety of colours Benefits ♦ The Williamson Game Fishing lure
    AUD $69.95
  • Ecogear VX35 Fishing Lures
    …fishing lure has highly detailed designing and craftsmanship making this a second to none blade fishing lure. The Ecogear VX35 fishing lure has a huge following amongst Bream anglers and its success on the Tournament scene speaks for the performance of this lure! The Ecogear VX35 fishing lures have…
    AUD $18.95