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  • Riley's lures Wave Striker Blade Fishing Lure Silver Body 40mm Pack of 3 Lures
    " Riley's Lures Wave Striker Blade Fishing Lure Silver Body 40mm Pack of 3 Lures Riley's Wave Striker blade fishing lures are great for attracting fish, and can be used in a number of ways to catch a large variety of fish in both fresh and salt water. Try using them for catching fish species such as…
    AUD $5.95
  • Strike Pro Astro Vibe Lure
    " Strike Pro Astro Vibe Lure The Strike Pro Astro Vibe Lure is a vibe with a difference. If you have heard of the Strike Pro Cyber vibe fishing lure then this is the next evolution. The Astro Vibe incorporates a Polycarbonate belly with built in rattles. This adds a couple of functions that stands…
    AUD $14.95
  • Cranka Crab Lures
    " Cranka Crabs by Cranka Lures Heads up Bream specialists, Cranka crab are now for sale and you’re going to want one like so many other anglers. But let’s not relegate these little gems to the Bream boys and girls. Think of the species that love a crab or two for breakfast. Yes, Flathead, Snapper…
    AUD $19.95
  • Marukyu Crab Fishing Lures
    …of Fishing Lures It stands to reason that after one success you will be hell bent on creating another. Marukyu enjoyed great results with the release of the Isome Worms. The next chapter in the Marukyu lure story are the Marukyu Crab Lures. Available in packs of 8 or 10 depending on lure size, we…
    AUD $10.95
  • Surecatch Knight Lures 85 grams Metal Spinning Lure
    " Surecatch Knight Lures - 85gram Metal Spinning Lure Surecatch Knight fishing lures are a popular take on a classic metal fishing lure design. The Surecatch Knight lures are highley regarded amongst the land based high speed spinning brigade as a proven fish catcher. The unique design imitates a…
    AUD $9.95
  • Halco C-Gar Fishing Lure
    …Fishing Lure Lure junkies wrap your listening gear round this. Halco has a new weighted stick bait lure on the market and you don’t have to be a fish to see that these guys look absolutely delicious. Apart from a range of spectacular colours and the top shelf finish, the Haclo C-Gar lure has some…
    AUD $14.95
  • Gillies Baitfish Metal Spinning Lures 10 grams
    " Gillies Baitfish Metal Spinning fishing Lures 10 grams The Gillies Saltwater Baitfish spinning fishing lures are a gnarly metal baitfish profile that screams hook-up! Gillies Saltwater Baitfish spinning lures are uniquely designed to resemble a fleeing baitfish and they really have a knack of…
    AUD $4.95
  • Berkley Bream Lure Kit
    Berkley Bream Lure Kit It’s time to head out Breaming with a set of proven Bream lures that will also attract just about every other scaled critter across the inshore fishing grounds. The Berkley Bream Lure Kit is ideal for the fishing newbie or long time natural bait traditionalist looking to…
    AUD $10.95
  • Rapala XRap Saltwater Shallow Slash Bait SXR10 Fishing Lure
    " Rapala Xrap Slashbait SXR10 Fishing lures The Rapala Xrap SXR10 slash bait fishing lure is one awesome fishing lure that Rapala have developed for targeting fresh or saltwater fish species The Rapala Xrap SXR 10 slash bait fishing lure will entice the likes of salmon, Kingfish, Tailor, Bonito,…
    AUD $19.95
  • Rapala Xrap Pop Popper fishing lure XRP-07
    Rapala XRP07 Popper fishing lure Rapala XRP-07 Popper fishing lures offer a unique design where the lures belly allows the Popper lure to glide along the water surface and hold steady at pause points of the retrieve. The Rapala Xrap XRP07 Popper fishing lure boasts a thin cut cup which displaces the…
    AUD $14.95
  • Jackall TN50 Fishing Lure
    …Jackall Fishing Lures The Jackall TN50 fishing lure is part of the exciting TN range of lipless crankbaits from Jackall Bros and downsized version of the TN60, great for matching smaller bait profiles or fishing lighter line classes. The Jackall TN50 lures are extremely versatile lures that can be…
    AUD $24.95
  • Spanyid Raider Lures 85 grams Metal Spinning Lure
    …Spanyid Raider Metal Fishing Lures 85 grams Raider metal fishing lures have been on the market now for many years and are proven fish catches that are uniquely designed to imitate a fleeing baitfish. Spanyid Raider metal fishing lures are an awesome metal spinning type lure for saltwater that will…
    AUD $8.95
  • TT Headlockz Jig Heads
    …after the most aggressive series of throws your HeadlockZ Jig Head will keep your soft plastic firmly in position. This is all thanks to the split grip grub keeper, one of the main reasons HeadlockZ HD Jig heads saw TT Lures take out the AFTA best terminal tackle award. A common issue with many ji"
    AUD $9.50
  • Westin Mega Teez Lures
    …their fishing heritage and fusing it with the wonders of modern materials and design to create soft plastic fishing lures that will spark a speedy reshuffle in many kits. The Westin Mega Teez lure is a very attractive plastic bait that will appeal to most anglers whatever their staple target range."
    AUD $12.95
  • Sebile Splasher 190 GT Popper Fishing Lure
    " Sebile Splasher 190 GT Popper Fishing Lure Sebile Splasher 190 GT Popper is from the Salt and Sun series of fishing lures and is designed to catch big predator fish. Thelures wide-open mouth is designed to create a massive surface splash, and also creates a popping sound with limited effort from…
    AUD $39.95
  • Squidgy Pro Fish Soft Plastic Fishing Lures
    …Squidgy Pro Fish 65mm soft plastic fishing lures packet The famous Squidgy Pro Fish soft plastic fishing lure is the deluxe version of the soft plastic designs that placed Squidgies on the map. The Squidgy Pro Fish soft plastic has been the most popular lure amongst soft plastic anglers throughout…
    AUD $7.95