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  • Classic Bluewater F200 Fishing Lure
    …and more. Note: Price is per 1 fishing lure - make your selection from our menu Benefits ♦ Rob Gaden is a famous and well respected lure designer that designs fishing lures for fisherman by fisherman so you can expect to receive a fishing lure that will produce results when fished correctly.…
    AUD $19.95
  • Squid Jig Assorted Deal - pack of 10 Budget squid jig
    …making this squid jig fishing lure package an ideal prawn/fish mimic to catch your next meal. Features and Specifications ♦ This package is for a pack of 10 squid jig fishing lures ♦ Style, colour, brands and sizes may vary from image – Lures are supplied as a lucky dip mix.…
    AUD $20.00
  • Rapala XRAP XR08 Fishing Lures
    lure has a translucent body revealing the internal holographic foil within and giving the lure an extremely realistic flash. Rapala have cleverly added some flash foil to the tail giving the Rapala X Rap XR08 fishing lure even more appeal. The Rapala X-Rap XR08 fishing lure is a suspending lure and…
    AUD $19.95
  • Shimano Bottom Ship Jig Lures
    …one look at these Lures and you can tell they’ll be a blue water boon. Available in a few weights and a few strike enticing colours, including luminous options (listing is only for 1 lure – choose it & options when ordering), the Shimano Bottom Ship Lures are going to be devastating…
    AUD $18.95
  • Bass Fishing - Bream Fishing & Estuary Lure Pack - 20 lures
    …Fishing Lure Pack is a Lucky Dip and may contain a mix of the following high quality lures – ♦ 3 x Sure Catch or Kokoda lures ♦ 3x RMG Scorpion or Poltergeist lures ♦ 3x River 2 Sea lures ♦ 2x Jackall lures ♦ 3x Rapala lures ♦ 3x Predatek lures ♦ 3x…
    AUD $199.00
  • Shimano Colt Sniper Lure Cast
    Shimano Colt Sniper Lure for spinning and light jigging Modern metal fishing lures have come a long ways since the days of the basic chrome selection. The Shimano Colt Sniper lures come in a few sizes and a selection of great colours to choose between when ordering and these lures are proven to…
    AUD $9.95
  • Storm Super Gomoku Jig Slim Micro Jig
    …Micro Jig is a much more manageable size. By reducing the size the fishing lure also opens up a whole new range of fishing options. While deep jigging is great for amberjack, tuna and kingfish, with the smaller lure size you can also fish for snapper, flathead , bass, and redfin. The Storm Gomoku…
    AUD $8.95
  • Single Hook Model Rapala X-Rap Magnum (XRMAGS20)
    …exclusively for these fishing lures. ♦ Assurance of incredible sturdiness and durability with the wire-through construction that enables it to survive longer when anglers are trying to catch fish that fight hard. ♦ Rapala Xrap 20 size single hook lure is an ideal lure for a selection of…
    AUD $24.95
  • Predatek Spaddler Surface Fishing Lures
    Predatek Spaddler Surface Fishing Lures The Predatek Spaddler Surface lures have met the call for the ultimate surface lure! Predatek have built a surface lure because they too love topwater fishing and why not add a terrific surface lure with the same fish catching potential and quality as the rest…
    AUD $13.95
  • Strike Pro Astro Vibe Lure
    …often lure type that proves to be elusive at times. This is why all Bream lure anglers must carry a Vibe in their kit, because sometimes, the winter in particular, a vibe is the only thing a Bream might be interested in. A good bet here would be to carry a selection of Strike Pro Astro Vibe Lures.
    AUD $14.95
  • Marukyu Crab Fishing Lures
    …of Fishing Lures It stands to reason that after one success you will be hell bent on creating another. Marukyu enjoyed great results with the release of the Isome Worms. The next chapter in the Marukyu lure story are the Marukyu Crab Lures. Available in packs of 8 or 10 depending on lure size, we…
    AUD $10.95
  • Strike Pro Enticer Crab Lures
    …frenzy. For those that love finesse style fishing and understand the power of the crab as bait, the Strike Pro Enticer Crab Lures will prove a potent force in your lure arsenal and are definitely worthy of a position in the top shelf of your tackle box. Available now in convenient packs of 6 crabs.…
    AUD $10.95
  • Rapala Shadow Rap Lures - Deep
    …Rap Lures is a minnow profile jerk bait that reacts to the jerk by moving left, right or even 180 degrees, but never simply forward unless, of course, scull dragged to return to the angler. It is this action that keeps the Rapala Shadow Rap Lure in the strike zone for longer. On the pause, the lure
    AUD $19.95
  • Silstar Slapstix Stickbait Fishing Lures 6 Inch
    …fish luring scent combined with the irresistible action of the Silstar Slapstix fishing lure gives you the ultimate soft plastic lure designed to last for many captures. ♦ The Silstar Slapstix soft plastic fishing lures can be rigged weighted or unweighted again showing how versatile this lure
    AUD $12.50
  • VMC Inline Single Hooks For Lures (packet)
    …well as supplying hooks to lure manufacturing giants such as Rapala provides all the credentials one should need to have total confidence in VMC hooks. VMC have responded to the growing trend of retro-fitting hard body lures with single hooks by developing hard body lure specific in-line hooks. The…
    AUD $11.95
  • Cranka Crab Lures
    …crab lure is already an award winner. It comes complete, ready rigged with size 14 DECOY Y-S25 trebles. You will notice how beautifully the trebles are connected to the lure. Sitting on the nippers, the trebles are in the perfect strike zone as the floating arms put the cranka crab fishing lure into…
    AUD $21.95