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Squid Jigs Yamashita

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  • Yamashita Squid Jig Egi Oh Q Live Live Series
    …2.5 Yamashita live squid jig. If you are fishing in deeper water or want to cast further try the Yamashita Squid jig size 3.5, both are perfect squid catching fishing lures but the Yamashita Live Squid Jig will also work in successfully capturing cuttlefish or octopus. * Yamashita Live Squid Jigs
    AUD $18.95
  • Yamahita Iki Squid Spike
    …clump of weed that will bend and/or straighten your hook on your squid jig. Use the Yamashita Iki Squid Spike to fix your hook instead of replacing the entire squid jig. This of course will save you money and the Yamashita Iki Squid Spike is a brilliant tool for sale now here at fishing tackle shop.…
    AUD $15.95
  • Shimano Squid Jigs Sephia Egixile
    squid jigs that do not have warm jacket technology. So, long story short Shimano Squid Jigs are now enhanced to further attract the attention of squid which in turn hopefully ends up with you better positioned to catch more squid. Features and Specifications * Model: Shimano Sephia Egixile Squid Jig
    AUD $18.95
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