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  • Daiwa Beef Stick Fishing Rods

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Beef Stick Fishing Rods

    …Beef Stick Surf Fishing Rods - Either model 122XHS. 1303XHS or 1403XXHS are ideal for beach fishing. They’re all rated the same line class (15-24kg), so your decision will rest on the length you prefer. Generally, the longer the rod the further you can cast. Benefits * Incredibly robust, ideal…

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  • Fin-Nor Megalite Reel


    Fin-Nor Megalite Reel

    …boat fishing with a 6-7ft rod. Line ratings on rods really depend on what you are targeting but this reel is quite capable of being able to fish 15-24kg so that said if you look for a rod rated 15kgs plus it should be a sweet match. Benefits and Summary * Light class for its weight, you are less…

  • Daiwa Sensor Surf Fishing Rod

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Sensor Surf Fishing Rod

    …7500, 8500, 9500. * Type: Spin * Length: 15 foot (457cm) * Piece: 3 * Action: XXX Heavy * Taper: Fast * Cast Weight: 120-300g * Recommended Line: 15-24kg Benefits * Super strong and super lightweight allowing you to fish for hours for big fish without fatigue. * Great range of sizes to suit your…

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  • Shimano Revolution Rods


    Shimano Revolution Rods

    …UseFull LengthTravel length (approx)Line RatingCast WeightSectionsGrip Travel 763SPH Spin Heavy Travel / offshore boat / heavy rock 7ft 6 inch 81cm 15-24Kg 50-200g 3 Full Travel 733SWSP SW Spin Travel / offshore boat / heavy inshore 7ft 3 inch 78cm 10-15Kg 20-75g 3 Full Travel 703SWSP SW Spin Travel…

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  • Shimano Tiagra Rod & Reel Game Fishing Combo


    Shimano Tiagra Rod & Reel Game Fishing Combo

    …Reel with T-Curve Tiagra Rod 15kg The Rod: T-Curve Tiagra Rod 15kg TypeLengthPiecesLine classBlankButt AssemblyGuides Stand up rod 1.8m 1 15-24kg TC3 AFTCO/SLICK AFTCO SpeedRatiosBearingsDragMonoWeight 2 speed 3.9:1: 1.7:1 4 15.0kg 23/521 (kg/m) 1576g The Reel: Tiagra 30WLRSA Reel…

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  • Daiwa Tatula Rod - Baitcaster

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Tatula Rod - Baitcaster

    …Join) Fast 732HB Swimbait 9-15kg Heavy 100g 7ft 3 inch 9-15 2-(Butt Join) Mod-Fast 762XH-SB Swimbait 15-24kg X-Heavy 220g 7ft 6 inch 15-24 2-(Butt Join) Mod-Fast 792XXH-SB Swimbait 15-24kg XX-Heavy 250g 7ft 9 inch 15-24 2-(Butt Join) Mod-Fast * 3DX Multidirectional Cross Wrap * Fuji LKW Alconite…

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  • Shimano Tiagra Ultra Rod for Game Fishing


    Shimano Tiagra Ultra Rod for Game Fishing

    …TIUASTP2030 1.65 10-15kg ALPS ROLLER STRAIGHT CARBON 20-30 size TIUASTP3050 1.65 15-24kg ALPS ROLLER STRAIGHT CARBON 30-50 size TIUASTP5080 1.65 24-37kg ALPS ROLLER STRAIGHT CARBON 50-80 size TIULN3050 1.63 15-24kg ALPS ROLLER DUAL BUTT 30-50 size TIULN5080 1.63 24-37kg ALPS ROLLER DUAL BUTT 50-80…

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  • Ball Bearing Swivels - (With Snap)

    Fishing Gear Other

    Ball Bearing Swivels - (With Snap)

    …160kg 3pcs Line Class 37kg Size 5 Ocean Stream IFS 70kg 3pcs Medium Line Class (8-15kg) Size 6 Ocean Stream IFS 90kg 3pcs Med-Heavy line class (15-24kg approx) Size 7 Ocean Stream IFS 130kg 3pcs Heavier line class (24-37kg approx) Size 3 Black Pete Brand - 2pcs Line Class 4kg Size 4 Black Pete Brand…

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  • Penn Ally Boat Rods


    Penn Ally Boat Rods

    …match we recommend a Penn 6000, 650 or 6500 size spin reel to go with the 10-15kg rated rods, an 8000, 750 or 7500 size penn reel to go with the 15-24kg models and an 8000, 850, 950, 9500, 10,500 size Penn spin reel to go with the 24-37kg model. We sell reels separately in our online fishing store.…

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  • Shimano Saragosa Reels


    Shimano Saragosa Reels

    …pitted against the oceans toughest fish whether you fish offshore with rods rated anywhere from 15-37kg, from the beach or rocks with 10-12ft, 15-24kg appraised rock/surf rods. The 20,000 SW is also very popular among anglers that chase GT and other northern reef species on popper rods. The 20,000…

  • Shimano T Curve Tiagra Game Rod


    Shimano T Curve Tiagra Game Rod

    …reel. * Target fish species: Light-med game rod for Kingfish, mahi mahi, tuna, mackerel, sailfish, sharks etc. TCurve 15kg Standup * Line Class: 15-24kg * Length: 1.8m * Pieces: 1 * Butt Assembly: AFTCO/SLICK Butt * Guides: AFTCO Full Roller * Suggested Size Reel: Will perfectly match with a Tiagra…

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  • Shimano Tag-Em Boat Rods


    Shimano Tag-Em Boat Rods

    …braid) 2(Butt Join) Pac Bay Bent Fuji/Pac Bay Swivel Tip TAG1015SP Spinning Rod 6ft 10-15kg 1 Pac Bay/EVA Fuji K Alconite TAG1524SP Spinning Rod 6ft 15-24kg 1 Pac Bay/EVA Fuji K Alconite * Model: Shimano Tag-Em boat rods * Type: Game Rods – Ideal for marlin, sharks, tuna, dorado and other game…

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  • Penn Squall Lever Drag Fishing Reel


    Penn Squall Lever Drag Fishing Reel

    …looking into an overhead rod that has a line rating anywhere from 10kgs and above and for the 50 and 60 models consider a rod with a rod rating of 15-24kg. We are here to help at Fishing Tackle Shop so if you are in need for a rod and get stuck on what to choose contact us via email or live chat and…

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