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  • Daiwa Battler Rods (Spin or Baitcaster)

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Battler Rods (Spin or Baitcaster)

    …may occur between models. Price is for one rod only. Choose which model you require when ordering. Model Specific Info Daiwa Battler Spinning Rod Models (suits spinning reels only) ModelLengthSectionsActionCasting weightLine RatingSuggested Reel Size 681ULXS-ST Noodle Master 6ft 8 inch 1 Ultra-Light…

  • Daiwa Saltiga Expedition Fishing Reel 8000H

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Saltiga Expedition Fishing Reel 8000H

    …a reel. When it comes to matching a fishing rod to the Saltiga 8000 it will ideally marry up well on any jigging style (spin) fishing rod rated 24kg plus or any heavy boat spin stick rated 15kg and above. This reel will also work well on a 10-16ft heavy beach/rock fishing rod. Here at Fishing Tackle…

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  • Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Reel - Lethal 60


    Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Reel - Lethal 60

    …large. The Lethal 60 opens your access to some of the harder fighting pelagics. You can tackle Snapper and live bait for bigger Mulloway. The spinning style Fin-Nor 60 is ideal for the boat, surf and rocks. You can try some light open water sports fishing from your vessel or hit the rocks, lock…

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  • Fin-Nor Bait Teaser Fishing Reel


    Fin-Nor Bait Teaser Fishing Reel

    …of stopping power and the oversize handle allows you plenty of purchase for battling belligerent, heavy set fish. Remember, the Fin-Nor Bait teaser spin reel is designed for specifically for live and flesh baits, allowing the fish to take a bait and feel no resistance as the front drag free spools…

  • Fin-Nor Megalite Reel


    Fin-Nor Megalite Reel

    Fin-Nor Mega Lite Reels – Spinning Model Fishing Reel Choose from sizes 40, 60, 80 or 100 Fin-Nor are world recognised for producing amazing fishing reels packed full of features at amazing prices and one of their latest additions to the range is the Fin-Nor Mega Lite Fishing Reel. This is…

  • Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Reel - Lethal 80


    Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Reel - Lethal 80

    …casting big poppers. For you, this particular spinning reel from Fin-Nor will be a complete joy to handle. For the fish you target, it will be nothing short of lethal. Features and Specifications * Model: Lethal SP 80 Fishing Reel * Type: Spinning Bearings: 6 + 1 * Gear Ratio: 4.9:1 * Line capacity…

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  • Okuma Ceymar Reel (Large Size 65)


    Okuma Ceymar Reel (Large Size 65)

    …Line class rod rating will depend on what you are chasing in particular but generally look for a rod that has a line rating of 6kg+ up to around 24kg. Benefits * Ideal all-round size for boat, beach and rock fishing, so you can use the one reel for all applications if you desired without the need…

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  • Rapala Maxwell Fishing Rods


    Rapala Maxwell Fishing Rods

    …ClassPiecesActionCast weightType 642UL 6ft 4 inches 1-3kg 2 Fast Taper 1-8g Spin 662L 6ft 6 inches 2-4kg 2 Fast Taper 2-12g Spin 702UL 7ft 1-3kg 2 Fast Taper 1-8g Spin 702L 7ft 2-4kg 2 Fast Taper 2-12g Spin * 30 Ton Graphite Blank * Fuji Stainless Steel KR Concept Guides * Skeleton Reel…

  • Shimano TCurve Deep Jig Rods


    Shimano TCurve Deep Jig Rods

    …and Specifications ModelLine ClassLengthLure Weight Deep Jig 200 Spin 24Kg 5ft 10 inch /1.78m 170-225g Deep Jig 300 Spin 24-37Kg 5ft 9 inch / 1.75m 200-400g Deep Jig 400 Spin 37Kg 5ft 8 inch / 1.73m 250-500g Deep Jig 200 Overhead 24Kg 5ft 10 inch / 1.78m 170-225g Deep Jig 400 Overhead 37Kg 5ft 8…

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  • Shimano Zodias JDM Fishing Rods


    Shimano Zodias JDM Fishing Rods

    …and other light fish species. Our recommendation for Reel Size to suit the Shimano Zodias 268L Rod is a 1000 sized shimano spinning reel. ZOD268ML * Medium-Light 2-4kg Rated * Length approx: 6ft 8 inches * 1pc rod blank * Approx lure cast weight 4-12 grams * Perfect for both fresh and saltwater.…

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  • Shimano Raider Rods


    Shimano Raider Rods

    …7-15g Cork Split Rear Grip 2500-3000 Spin 762 Bream Spin Lake, River, Light Inshore 2-4Kg 7ft 6 inches 2 3-12g Cork Full Rear Grip 2000-2500 Spin 722 Bream Spin Lake, River, Light Inshore 1-4Kg 7ft 2 inches 2 3-10g Cork Full Rear Grip 1000-2500 Spin 721 Bream Spin Lake, River, Light Inshore 1-4Kg…

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  • Shimano Taipan Rod


    Shimano Taipan Rod

    Spin 602SP Lake, River, Light Inshore 2-4Kg 6ft 2 Approx 3ft 1000-2500 Spin 602MSP Lake, River, Med Inshore 5-6Kg 6ft 2 Approx 3ft 3000-4000 Spin 682SP Lake, River, Light-Med Inshore 3-5Kg 6ft 8 inch 2 Approx 3.4ft 2500-3000 Spin 802GP Rock General Purpose 6-8Kg 8ft 2 Approx 4ft 6000-8000 Spin 1203…

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  • Penn Clash Reel (Large Sizes)


    Penn Clash Reel (Large Sizes)

    …kings or trevally or a 9-10ft rock rod. From the boat there will be plenty of boat rods to choose from in the range of 6kg through to 24kg weights. (You need a spin rod – so make sure you don’t use an overhead rod). If you need further help simply contact us. Benefits * The 6000 and 8000…

  • Shimano Maikuro Rods


    Shimano Maikuro Rods

    Spin 1.98m (6ft 6 inch) 2 (splits in half) 3-5Kg 7-14 Split Grip 2500-3000 682SP River/Lake/Light Spin 2.02m (6ft 8 inch) 2 (splits in half) 6-8Kg 10-25 Split Grip 3000-4000 702SP River/Lake/Light Spin 2.13m (7ft) 2 (splits in half) 2-4Kg 3-8 Split Grip 1000-2500 702MSP River/Lake/Med Spin 2.13…

  • Shimano Tag-Em Boat Rods


    Shimano Tag-Em Boat Rods

    …inches 24kg 1 Pac Bay/Carbon Butt Fuji/Pack Bay TAG37ROLLBB Overhead (fully rollered guides) 5ft 7 inches 37kg 2(Butt Join) Pac Bay Bent Pac Bay TAGDEEP Deep Drop Rod for electric reels 5ft 6 inches PE8 (approx. 80lb braid) 2(Butt Join) Pac Bay Bent Fuji/Pac Bay Swivel Tip TAG1015SP Spinning Rod 6ft…

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  • Abu Garcia Veritas Rods

    Abu Garcia

    Abu Garcia Veritas Rods

    …TypeSuggested useIdeal reel size 702L 7ft 2 2-4kg 2-10 grams Light Spin Inshore (lake, river etc) 1000/10 , 2000/20, 2500/25 682ML 6ft 8 inch 2 3-7kg 8-35 grams Med-light Spin Inshore (lake, river etc) 2500/25 702M 7ft 2 4-8kg 10-48 grams Medium Spin Inshore (lake, river etc) light offshore 2500/25,…

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