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  • Jarvis Walker Battery Operated Air pump

    Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker Battery Operated Air pump

    Jarvis Walker Battery Operated Aerator Air Pump While the lure anglers might argue the point, there is nothing better than fishing with live bait. After all, this is what fish eat. They eat other live creatures. It only stands to reason, if you fish with the general menu of the average fish, you…

  • Pop Up Storage Tub - Companion Brands

    Companion Brands

    Pop Up Storage Tub - Companion Brands

    …pop up, fill, add your live baits be it poddy mullet, yakka or nippers then start fishing for monsters. If you add an aerator your live baits will last as long as the aerated water lasts. Brilliant for the long sessions chasing huge fish. At 18 and 37 litres there is plenty of room to store…

  • Rechargeable Air Pump USB Model

    Fishing Gear Other

    Rechargeable Air Pump USB Model

    Maxer Rechargeable Air Pump for Fishing and Aquariums Gone are the days of your only option in the market place being a battery powered aerator that ran on c or d cell batteries. Now technology advancements bring us the rechargeable air pump by maxer. A unit that you can take out fishing with you to…

  • Keeper Net Bag - Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker

    Keeper Net Bag - Jarvis Walker

    …or refrigeration with which they store their catch. In the absence of suitable refrigeration, your best bet is to keep your catch alive. While aerated buckets and live tanks are perfect, they are hardly particle for many of our fishing locations. Of course, so many anglers carry buckets but all…

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  • Waternsake Battery Accessories (choose option)

    Jarvis Walker

    Waternsake Battery Accessories (choose option)

    …battery terminal Kit. Battery Clip Extension Connect anything you like to your 12-volt battery via the Watersnake Battery Clip Extension. Connect aerators to keep your live baits alive. Connect your spotlights for squid fishing. Recharge your digital devices such as mobile phones and cameras (make…

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  • Rapala Battery Operated Quality Air Pump


    Rapala Battery Operated Quality Air Pump

    …Air Pump (Aerator) By definition, live bait needs to be alive and kicking. Otherwise you will stand less of a chance of tempting fish into chomping down on your hook. Thankfully, however, you can supply fresh air to live bait using one of these affordable battery-powered Rapala aerators. Rapala is…

  • Black Magic Sabiki Rigs

    Black Magic Tackle

    Black Magic Sabiki Rigs

    …is ideal. You might like to try the folding bucket for sale here on this site; it’s perfect for packing light. The next requirement is an aerator. Your fish will require oxygenated water. The more fish, the more oxygen. Feed them oxygen and they will remain as perky and jumpy for much longer.…

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  • Maxer Keeper Net with Floats

    Fishing Gear Other

    Maxer Keeper Net with Floats

    …your baits and keep them alive. It avoids the need for blow up pools, big buckets and the constant water changes, or the need for battery operated aerators. The Maxer Brand Keeper net with floats for sale now is such a brilliant idea that it’s stunning that we have not seem them on the market…

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