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  • Hurricane Sting Blade Lures

    Hurricane Lures

    Hurricane Sting Blade Lures

    …retrieve style and not change lure. The Hurricane Sting 37 Lure for sale now can be worked anywhere in the water column. You can lift slow or fast, jig vertically or retrieve with a slow roll. The super-fast vibration hits peak the moment it hits the water. Whether you lift large or with discretion…

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  • TT Buzzlockz Jig Heads

    TT Lures

    TT Buzzlockz Jig Heads

    …and Australian Bass will also be irresistibly drawn to the sound and vibrations. It's not that infrequently we'll fish our regular hotspot with a never fail lure only to find that, yes, it fails. For some reason, the fish simply aren't interested. This is when the TT Buzzlockz Jig heads can save the…

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  • TT Rev Head Jig Heads

    TT Lures

    TT Rev Head Jig Heads

    …baitfish. The TT Rev Head Colorado Blade jig heads are great on a vast number of species including Bream, Flathead, Bass, Trout and Mulloway. TT Rev Head jig heads come in a pack of 2 heads ready to rig. Features and Specifications * Super high quality jig heads * Added blade system that flashes and…

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  • Owner Flashy Swimmer Jig Head

    Owner Hooks & Tackle

    Owner Flashy Swimmer Jig Head

    …of Bass anglers have added the Owner Flashy Swimmer to their essential kit list. Sizes range from 1/0 to 12/0, which in size terms covers a very broad variety of target. Importantly, they're Owner fishing tackle brand; so, you know straight up the quality is unsurpassed. The Owner Flashy Swimmer jig

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  • TT Jig Spinners (Packet of 3)

    TT Lures

    TT Jig Spinners (Packet of 3)

    …vibration and reflective flashes in to the equation. Anglers that frequent the fresh water will quickly become addicted to the TT Jig Spinners. They are totally deadly on Bass, Yellow Belly, Sooty Grunter, Perch of all types and Murray Cod can’t leave them alone either. For the Salties, they…

  • Berkley Nitro Jig Heads Assorted Size Packs


    Berkley Nitro Jig Heads Assorted Size Packs

    …ideal for the inshore waters for the likes of Bream, Bass and Flathead etc, where the Salt Water Pro is geared at reef and offshore fishing for the likes of Snapper and his friends. Manufactured with superior Owner hooks, the Berkley Nitro Jig Heads Assorted Size Packs have been manufactured…

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  • Shimano Brenious NT Jig Head - Lure

    Shimano Brenious NT Jig Head - Lure

    …tackle kit. The Shimano Brenious NT Jig Head can be hopped, slow rolled, jigged and dead stuck. Brilliant in the fresh or salt, the Shimano Brenious NT Jig Head will deliver outstanding results on the likes of Bream, Flathead, Snapper, Trevally, Bass, and Yellowbelly, to name a few. The Brenious…

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  • TT Jig Heads - Head Hunter Series

    TT Lures

    TT Jig Heads - Head Hunter Series

    …purpose design see them ideal for Bream, Whiting, Bass, Perch Flathead and a host of other light tackle fish species. * Great value for money and one of our best selling brands of jig heads for sale. Quality you can trust. The TT Head Hunter series Jigs are available in generous pack sizes making…

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  • Gulp Jigging Shrimp Lures


    Gulp Jigging Shrimp Lures

    …colour/size required when ordering Berkley Gulp Jigging Shrimp Lures Buying Guide 3-inch size - is the ideal size for most smaller estuary fish species. Think the likes of bream, bass, flathed, perch and elbow slapping whiting. We suggest a Jig head hook size of around 1-1/0 light guage. 5-inch…

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  • Halco Trembler 70XS Lure

    Halco Lures and Fishing Tackle

    Halco Trembler 70XS Lure

    …and a host of other species both freshwater or saltwater. Weighing in at 16 grams the Halco trembler 70XS lure is rapid sinking and can be cast, jigged or even trolled at light speeds from 1-6 knots. Geared up with quality hardware such as triple strength Mustad treble hooks the lure is deigned to…

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  • ZMan Minnowz Lures


    ZMan Minnowz Lures

    …Flathead, Mangrove Jack, Saratoga, Snapper, Mulloway, Tervally, Barramundi, Fingermark, Cod, large Bream or Bass. * Recomended Jig Head Hook Size: 1/0, 2/0, or 3/0 TT HeadlockZ jig head pattern Note: Images for illustration purpose only - price is for 1 packet - choose your preferred colour…

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  • Zman Grubz 2 inch Soft Plastic Lures


    Zman Grubz 2 inch Soft Plastic Lures

    …in lakes and rivers for species such as bream, Australian bass, trout, perch, whiting and flathead. Recommended Jig Heads & Hook Sizes (not included) * TT HeadlockZ Jig head Sizes #4, #2 or #1 sized hook * TT Hidden Weight Jig head hook sizes - #2, #1 Benefits * Brilliant on common species…

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  • Berkley Powerbait Nemesis Lures (4inch)


    Berkley Powerbait Nemesis Lures (4inch)

    …prove useful out past the heads depending on your jig head and rig. It’s certainly worth mentioning that while the Berkley Powerbait Nemesis Lures were designed for the salt you can expect it will work wonders in the fresh on species like Bass, Perch and impoundment Barra. There are some great…

  • Berkley Powerbait Power Shrimp Lures


    Berkley Powerbait Power Shrimp Lures

    …freshwater too in lakes, rivers, dams and creeks. * Target species include but are not limited to bream, Australian bass, whiting, trout, flathead and perch. * Ideally run on light jig heads up to approx. 3.5 grams with hook sizes from size 4 to 1 Note: Price is for 1 packet only of the power…

  • Abu Garcia Veritas Rods

    Abu Garcia

    Abu Garcia Veritas Rods

    jigging 3000/30, 4000/40 651J 6ft 5 inch 1 PE 2-4 Max 120g Medium Spin Boat / med jig 4000/40 621J 6ft 2 inch 1 PE 3-5 Max 230g Med/Heavy Spin Boat / heavy jig 5000/50 C-601H 6ft 1 5-10kg 12-68 grams Baitcaster / overhead Barramundi / cod etc Baitcaster 782UL EGI 7ft 8 inch 2 PE 0.4-1.0 2.0-4.0 Jigs

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  • Shimano Catana Fishing Rods


    Shimano Catana Fishing Rods

    …up with a good selection of Squid jigs in a variety of colours for safety. Ensure your squid jigs are sharp. As soon as they appear to be a little dull, discard them. It doesn’t matter how good your rod is, if your jigs are blunt, Squid will drop the jig every time. The Catana EGI rod is a…

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