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  • Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada Lure


    Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada Lure

    …is futile. Come summer time when the Cicadas leave their earthy burrows to find a mate is when this particular area of a river comes alive. To get the most out of it, perhaps even a trophy fish or two, you’ll need to rig up a Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada fishing lure. You’ll want to fish…

  • Atomic Cicada Lure

    Atomic Lures

    Atomic Cicada Lure

    Cicada Lure – Hardz 35 model The Atomic Cicada lure is a must-have for any river and estuary angler who loves spring and summer topwater action. The Atomic Cicada Lure for sale now is a floating surface lure, designed to look identical to our famous Cicada. A key feature is that the Cicada

  • Duo Realis Shinmushi Lure Cicada

    Duo Lures

    Duo Realis Shinmushi Lure Cicada

    Duo Realis Shinmushi Lure Cicada There are more and more cicada profile lures hitting the shelves. Once unheard of, anglers now have quite the selection. In the same vein as “oils ain’t oils,” ‘Cicadas ain’t cicadas’. When a lure idea hits the market, many…

  • Tiemco Panic Cicada Lures


    Tiemco Panic Cicada Lures

    Tiemco Panic Cicada Lures – Soft Plastic Cicada Fishing Lures The Tiemco Panic Cicada is designed to mimic the action and noise of a hapless Cicada that has fallen into the water. Come the summer, when the Cicadas hatch in prolific numbers, Fish such as Bass, Perch and Bream feast on these…

  • Tiemco Jumbo Cicada Lure


    Tiemco Jumbo Cicada Lure

    …premium craftsmanship. The Tiemco Jumbo Cicada lure are such surface lures. You won’t get much change from 30 bucks but a Tiemco Jumbo Cicada tied to your leader will propel your chances of landing that trophy fish exponentially. The Tiemco Jumbo Cicada is a floating topwater lure, designed to…

  • Profishent Humbug Lure Cicada

    Profishent Tackle

    Profishent Humbug Lure Cicada

    …very soon the cicadas, and a host of similar type bugs, will crawl from the ground and become increasingly active as they search for mates. Many a cicada will seek love by the rivers, hell bent on a quick romance to ensure propagation of the next generation. The Hapless Cicada however, delirious…

  • River 2 Sea Cicada Popper Surface fishing lure

    River 2 Sea

    River 2 Sea Cicada Popper Surface fishing lure

    River 2 sea Cicada pop fishing lure The River 2 sea Cicada pop fishing lure has to be the most realistic cicada lookalike fishing lure that has entered the fishing market. The River 2 sea cicada pop fishing lure is so realistic looking that the fish probably wouldn't recognise the difference between…

  • Juro Mimic Bug Lure


    Juro Mimic Bug Lure

    …that a tried, tested and proven on all of your favourite species. The Juro Mimic Bug fishing lure will be an excellent addition. It is a fantastic Cicada imitation and a very fine surface walker. Estuary and river dwelling Bream are well known for their desire to eat surface bugs. For the freshies,…

  • Atomic Slappa Cod Lure

    Atomic Lures

    Atomic Slappa Cod Lure

    …prize perch without excluding the chance of nailing a Murray cod on the same rig, you need an Atomic Slappa Cod Lure, for sale now. Shaped like a Cicada, the Slappa could easily be mistaken for a frog. Several key features give the Slappa a high level of versatility making it ideal for chasing one…

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  • Storm Gomoku Popper Fishing Lure


    Storm Gomoku Popper Fishing Lure

    …specifically to appeal to the fish found in Australia’s estuaries and freshwater areas. If you are fishing primarily for bass, there is a dark cicada pattern. Maybe you’re more the sand whiting fisherman, then you should try the clear prawn. No matter what you’re fishing for there…

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  • Predatek Spaddler Lures


    Predatek Spaddler Lures

    …environments. To work the Spaddler, cast and slowly retrieve, allowing it to wobble and crawl its way across the water surface like a fallen Cicada or bug. Be ready for a heart-stopping surface strike! Features and Specifications * Spaddler carries the same quality and craftsmanship that Predatek…

  • Storm Gomoku Pencil Fishing Lure


    Storm Gomoku Pencil Fishing Lure

    …and holographic patterns that mimic the local estuary baitfish. Some of the offerings include a clear prawn pattern for sand whiting and a dark cicada pattern for bass. No matter what you’re angling for there is a hatch pattern that will guarantee a more successful fishing trip. The lures…

  • Jackall Micro Pompadour Lure

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall Micro Pompadour Lure

    …the lure that creates additional water disturbance, vibration as well as sound and action mimicking that of a distressed bug with wings such as a Cicada. This is one little lure worth a position in any Australian Bass anglers box. However, whilst the Micro Pompadour is set to become one of the best…

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  • Jaz Aussie 200 Lure

    Jaz Lures

    Jaz Aussie 200 Lure

    …overhanging trees that make casting from the banks impossible. Murray cod are waiting here for meal that may appear from the trees, such as frogs and cicadas etc. As the Jaz is swimming deeper in the water column your will be working your Jaz right past his nose. If your budget allows you to, Grab a…

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  • Kingfisher Mantis Lures

    Kingfisher Lures

    Kingfisher Mantis Lures

    …retrieve. Top water crawler style cod lures such as Kingfisher Mantis Lures mimic natural food sources such as a small bird that is injured, a cicada, moth, butterfly or any other large insect or small rodent that has found its self in the water by any unfortunate circumstance. Top water crawler…

  • Warlock Cod Hopper Surface Lure


    Warlock Cod Hopper Surface Lure

    …makes an incredible ruckus on the surface making it irresistible to most species that hunt the top water. * Mimics the action of creatures such as cicadas, injured birds and other larger bugs or even small mammals like mice that have unwittingly found themselves stuck in the water. These creatures…

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