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  • Trollcraft Bass Bug Lure

    Fishing Gear Other

    Trollcraft Bass Bug Lure

    …Trollcraft Bass Bug Lure, while manufactured in several colours, is sold here at in black only. Black is an excellent colour for these species while fishing after sundown. The black Trollcraft Bass Bug Lure will be an evening special for the aggressive Bass. While the…

  • Oztrail Bass Sleeping Bags +5 degree (Twin Pack)


    Oztrail Bass Sleeping Bags +5 degree (Twin Pack)

    Oztrail Bass Twin Pack Sleeping bags +5 degree c Kit up and head out into the Australian wilderness with your partner, knowing you will sleep easy with the Oztrail Bass Twin Pack Sleeping bags. Rated to 5 degrees and a minimum of minus 5 degrees, you can head to some pretty chilly locations…

  • River 2 Sea Buggi Pop Fishing Lure

    River 2 Sea

    River 2 Sea Buggi Pop Fishing Lure

    River 2 Sea Buggi Pop Fishing Lure If you're after a surface fishing lure that provides explosive results when fishing topwater for species such as Australian Bass, Bream, and any other, dam lake or estuary species that hit surface lures look no further than the River 2 Sea Buggi pop surface fishing…

  • Daiwa Double Clutch Lures

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Double Clutch Lures

    Daiwa Double Clutch Lures The Daiwa Double Clutch lure for sale now is an outstanding jerkbait that will appeal to finesse anglers in particular. The unique design is ideal for casting at Bass, Flathead and Bream in a variety of locations whether approached from land or boat. Flathead hunters can…

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  • Daiwa Strikeforce Baitcaster Reel

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Strikeforce Baitcaster Reel

    …max drag and 150 meters of PE2 braid line capacity, there’s little the Daiwa Strikeforce Baitcaster Reel can’t handle when deployed inshore. From bass to bream to flatties trout and sooty grunter, the Daiwa Strikeforce Baitcaster Reel is limited only by your daring and imagination.…

  • Daiwa Demon Blood Rods

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Demon Blood Rods

    …Jigging, trolling and general bottom bashing Fishing applications and fishing reel suggestion guide Daiwa Demon Blood Jig Spin rods are designed for offshore boat fishing. Their primary use is for deep sea jigging for species such as tuna, kingfish, mackerel and a host of other species however whist…

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  • Daiwa Caldia LT Reel

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Caldia LT Reel

    …Your reel will last countless sessions. Point you Daiwa Caldia LT Reel at everything from Trout to Trevally, Bass to Barra, Morwong to Mulloway and all of your Aussie favourites. Please take advantage of our outstanding online price and put a Daiwa Caldia LT in your shopping trolley now, and if the…

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  • Daiwa Exceler Reel LT

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Exceler Reel LT

    …larger reel. The Daiwa Exceler LT spinning reel for sale now are well priced making the perfect option for the discerning angler on a strict budget. Performance and durability are beyond reproach, and they’re well suited to hunting all of your Aussie favourites from up-river Bass in the bush…

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  • Daiwa Crossfire Surf Rods

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Crossfire Surf Rods

    …a little daunting for the newbie, budget conscious and casual angler. This is where the Daiwa Crossfire Surf Rods come into their own. For around the $100 mark and less you can get equipped with a quality Daiwa Crossfire Surf Rod up to 360cm in Length and hit the beaches and rocks, even in a heavy…

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  • Daiwa BG Reels

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa BG Reels

    …styles will want either the Daiwa BG 2000, 2500 or 3000 size. All designed for light class fishing whether it be fresh or saltwater, in the lakes or rivers this series of reel will have you covered for targeting all your Aussie favourites such as Australian bass, bream, flathead, trout and more.…

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  • Daiwa Freams LT Reel

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Freams LT Reel

    …significant, more aggressive fish. From cast to catch the Daiwa Freams LT Reel delivers the sort of performance and feel you would expect of a spinning reel at the higher price-points. You have the inshore covered from finesse angling for Bass to throwing big swimbaits at Murray Cod, Barra or…

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  • Daiwa Exist Fishing Reel

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Exist Fishing Reel

    …2018 Daiwa Exist reel is a spin reel to aspire to. There are 6 models from which to choose from (all you need to do is pick the one you require when purchasing), with some access to some near-shore sports action. The 1000 will be a finesse dream in the fresh, pitted against the likes of Trout, Bass

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  • Daiwa Commander Rods

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Commander Rods

    …investment in better fishing. Daiwa has injected personality into the Commander fishing rod range giving every model a unique name and identity. Go Ultra-light finesse with the Griffin and Backfire. They’re perfect for the true sports angler chasing Trout, Bream, Bass and more. Alternatively,…

  • Daiwa Certate Reels

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Certate Reels

    …The Daiwa Certate LT Reel has the salt and fresh inshore waters wholly covered. From the 2500S to the 400CHX, there’s practically nothing the new Daiwa Certate Reels won’t handle. The 2500S weighs only 205 grams and is the epitome of finesse, ideal when deployed against Trout and Bass in…

  • Daiwa Eliminator Reel

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Eliminator Reel

    …the same, with the addition of access to light offshore work including reef targets such as Snapper. The Daiwa Eliminator Reel delivers access to a vast variety of fish, from Pan size Bass and Whiting, up to Back breaking Yellow Tale Kingfish and Mackerel. It’s perfect for live baiting…

  • Daiwa Kix Reel

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Kix Reel

    …tackle shop. Daiwa Kix Reel Buying Guide Small Sizes Daiwa Kix 2000 and 2500 are ideal for all of your inshore finesse fishing, salt and fresh. Tackle everything from bream and bass to trout, flathead and whiting and more, with the lightest rigs in your arsenal. With the Daiwa Kix 2500 in your…

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