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  • Stealth Free Diver Fins

    Land and sea

    Stealth Free Diver Fins

    …and with less effort than with other fins. As well as parabolic technology, these fins are alive with innovation. Additional features include the extra-long thermoplastic fins and hydrodynamic shape. A thermo-rubber foot pockets then ensures that the fins will feel comfortable on your feet for…

  • Red Back Surf Fins


    Red Back Surf Fins

    …the fins help to channel the water downwards to maximize drive. A further feature to enhance the power of the fins is the powerful surface running along the bottom. This is a vital feature because power is generated from the bottom of surf fins. The top of the foot in the Red Back surf fins has been…

  • Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Reel - Lethal 80


    Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Reel - Lethal 80

    …It’s lethal for a reason. Robust strength and line capacity alone give you so much more than simply a fighting chance. A big reel like the Fin Nor lethal 80 reel opens the door to hard fighting King Fish and other lighting fast pelagic heavy weights. You will bounce the bottom for big Mulloway…

  • Shimano Tiagra Rod & Reel Game Fishing Combo


    Shimano Tiagra Rod & Reel Game Fishing Combo

    …of Shimano’s best that will see you out on the deep blue hunting sharks, Black Marlin, Blue Marlin Stripy, Dog Tooth, Yellowfin and Blue Fin as well as other game staples such as Wahoo and Sailfish. Sitting, Standing, light game or heavy, there is a brilliant Tiagra rod and Shimano game…

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  • Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Reel - Lethal 60


    Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Reel - Lethal 60

    Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Reel - Lethal 60 There is nothing we anglers love more than quality that is clearly apparent on first viewing. The thing that really sends us into rapturous applause is when this quality is backed up by impressive inclusions at fair, affordable prices. The Fin-Nor Lethal 60…

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  • Mirage Crystal Fins - Open Heel

    Mirage Watersports

    Mirage Crystal Fins - Open Heel

    …doing in the surf, the Mirage Crystal Fins will significantly reduce fatigue, allowing you to spend a whole lot more time out having fun in the waves. Of course, it is critical kit for the snorkeler and spear fisher. The styling of the Crystal fin ensures they remain comfortable for extended…

  • Surf Fin Savers - Redback


    Surf Fin Savers - Redback

    …surfers that loses their fins to the ocean. High-quality neoprene has been used by Redback Surfware to make the fin savers durable under the constant effects of saltwater. Simply attach the fin savers to your surf fins then to the upper of your ankles. Each pack of Redback fin savers will come as a…

  • AFN Tuna Tactics Blue Fin Tuna DVD


    AFN Tuna Tactics Blue Fin Tuna DVD

    AFN Tuna Tactics Blue Fin Tuna DVD Join television fishing identity, Lee Rayner, offshore on the south west coast of Australia, from Port Fairy, Portland and Port MacDonnell chasing the famed southern bluefin tuna. These tuna have made a remarkable comeback in recent years and the schools are back…

  • Mermaid Fin - Mirage rubber swim tail flippers

    Mirage Watersports

    Mermaid Fin - Mirage rubber swim tail flippers

    …Mermaid swim fin is made from durable, 100% high grade rubber so there is no risk of the fins cracking. Available in blue or pink, enhancing the fun styling, the fins will look great on everyone. A tremendous amount of field testing was undertaken to ensure the mermaid swim fins remained securely…

  • Adrenalin 1mm Neoprene Surf Sox


    Adrenalin 1mm Neoprene Surf Sox

    …feel like a second skin. Surf fins or swimming flippers can inflict on-going abrasive damage to your skin and cause painful blisters, but there is a simple solution. Adrenalin surf socks are a low-cost way to protect against damage and stay comfortable while wearing fins. Place your order with the…

  • Adrenalin 3mm Neoprene Dive Sox


    Adrenalin 3mm Neoprene Dive Sox

    …as fun as this can be, the sport is not without its risks. In particular, feet and ankles can receive painful abrasions and blisters from the use of fins or flippers. Thankfully, there is a simple and affordable solution in the form of Adrenalin Dive socks from Land and Sea. To make these dive socks…

  • Fin-Nor Megalite Reel


    Fin-Nor Megalite Reel

    Fin-Nor Mega Lite Reels – Spinning Model Fishing Reel Choose from sizes 40, 60, 80 or 100 Fin-Nor are world recognised for producing amazing fishing reels packed full of features at amazing prices and one of their latest additions to the range is the Fin-Nor Mega Lite Fishing Reel. This is…

  • Fin-nor Primal Reel


    Fin-nor Primal Reel

    Fin-Nor Primal Reels For the angler that thinks outside the square there is tremendous value to be had when you look beyond the most famous and recognisable fishing brand names. The Fin-Nor Primal Reel for sale now offers spectacular features and amazing performance for at a price the Louis Viton…

  • Fin-Nor Bait Teaser Fishing Reel


    Fin-Nor Bait Teaser Fishing Reel

    …the answer. The new body design is rigid graphite. The shape is excellent, super strong and is designed for keeping the water and elements out. Fin Nor’s MegaDrag system will give you the smoothest of stopping power and the oversize handle allows you plenty of purchase for battling…

  • Fin-Nor Lethal (Lever Drag) Reels


    Fin-Nor Lethal (Lever Drag) Reels

    …to frantic. Fin-Nor have made a classy contribution to the market in the Lethal series. Do your pocket a favour and your fishing as well and put a Fin Nor-Lethal Lever Drag single speed or a 2 speed reel in your basket now. It’s time to hit the blue water. Features and Specifications * Choose…

  • Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Reel - Lethal 100


    Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Reel - Lethal 100

    …reels are the perfect choice if you want to target bigger and powerful fish. With their robust build, big line capacity, and a multi stack, the Fin Nor Lethal 100 reel offers you durability and longevity. Plus, their stack features carbon fibre washers which are protected against water intrusion.…

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