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  • Jackall TN60 Fishing Lure

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall TN60 Fishing Lure

    Jackall TN60 Fishing Lure For Sale Many years have now passed since the tournament winning Jackall TN60 Fishing Lure hit the tackle shops in Australia. Since Its release on Australian shores, it has proven its self as one of the best vibe lures ever produced and sold accounting for more tournament…

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  • Jackall TN50 Fishing Lure

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall TN50 Fishing Lure

    Jackall TN50 Fishing Lure The Jackall TN50 fishing lure is part of the exciting TN range of lipless crankbaits from Jackall Bros and downsized version of the TN60, great for matching smaller bait profiles or fishing lighter line classes. The Jackall TN50 lures are extremely versatile lures that can…

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  • Jackall Squirrel Lures

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall Squirrel Lures

    Jackall Squirrel Lures For Sale Here’s a massive tip for inshore lure anglers who chase mangrove jack, barra and perch in the rivers. The Jackall Squirrel lures listed below will be all you need to build a formidable Aussie river diving lure arsenal. These are precision fishing lures designed…

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  • Jackall Transam Lures

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall Transam Lures

    Jackall Transam Lures - 20 gram size For Sale This is a heads up for the angler that demands a lure designed for tackling a bigger class of fish from the inshore playgrounds and the waters immediately adjacent the coast. The Jackall Transam 20 gram plastic vibe has recorded breathtaking catches of…

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  • Jackall Pompadour Lure

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall Pompadour Lure

    …your go-to lure for fishing the evenings and low light. The Jackall Pompadour is a must have surface lure for your next fishing adventure. Pompadour lures are for sale now and will reinvigorate your fresh water surface fishing expeditions. Features and Specifications * Jackkle Pompadour Lure Sizes,…

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  • Jackall Gantia Lure - Swimbait

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall Gantia Lure - Swimbait

    …water column. The Jackall Gantia lure is proving to be incredibly popular as one of the best go to swimbait lures for cod so much so that it’s often hard for us to keep stock up as they sell so well. Whist the Jackall Gantia Fishing Lure have a heavy focus on being a cod lure they really could…

  • Jackall Micro Pompadour Lure

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall Micro Pompadour Lure

    …* Designed to mimic fallen bugs such as cicadas * One of the best lures for bass as well as perch, cod and a host of other species fresh or saltwater. How to fish the Jackall Micro Pompadour Lure The best way to fish this lure is to cast it out, let it sit for a little bit before a retrieve, and…

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  • Jackall Chubby Fishing Lures Shallow

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall Chubby Fishing Lures Shallow

    …fish. Jackall Chubby Shallow lures swim with a wide, tight action that yells for attention. The Jackall Chubby Shallow fishing lures can be slow rolled over weed beds or you can jerk them along structure, Jackall Chubby lures are the master at luring prize fish. The Jackall Chubby fishing lure also…

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  • Jackall Chubby Fishing Lures deep

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall Chubby Fishing Lures deep

    Jackall Chubby Deep Diver Fishing Lure The Jackall Chubby Deep Fishing lure is considered to be one of the most popular bream lures to hit the Australian fishing scene winning many tournaments across the country including the ABT rounds. What this translates to is a lure that works, a lure that…

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