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  • Companion Pop Up Dish tub & Tray Portable Camping Sink

    Companion Brands

    Companion Pop Up Dish tub & Tray Portable Camping Sink

    …and more convenient. The ergonomics and cleverly constructed features make doing the dishes in a make shift kitchen incredibly efficient. This is exactly what you need on the kitchen section of your camping inventory. Forget generic, space taking buckets, the Pop up dish tub and tray is designed…

  • Rome Camp Fire Cookware


    Rome Camp Fire Cookware

    …meals that become part of your camping folklore. Check out the list of fabulous Rome cookware below. It’s time to treat yourself to a kitchen upgrade by adding some of the best campfire cookware available in Australia. Freshly backed bread? Maybe a hot panini. What about a double burger…

  • Campfire Brand Jaffle Iron


    Campfire Brand Jaffle Iron

    Jaffle Iron (Choose between Single Or Double JAffle Irons when ordering) No camping kitchen kit is complete without a set of Jaffle irons. Many a senior camper will recall wonderful childhood memories of their first experiences making Jaffles on a campfire. They’re as important as the camp…

  • Oztrail Stove Top Whistling Kettle


    Oztrail Stove Top Whistling Kettle

    …kettle is a fast track to restorative hot drinks and hot meals. The Oztrail stainless steel whistling kettle is great value and a must have for your kitchen or your camping kit. Put one in your shopping basket now. Features and Specifications * Stainless Steel Body * Tri-Layer Base * Whistling type…

  • Ozpig For Sale


    Ozpig For Sale

    Ozpig For Sale - We also sell Ozpig BBQ accessories Happy as a pig in mud. That’s how you’ll feel when your camp kitchen or camp site has the new Oz Pig BBQ as it’s focal point. The Ozpig BBQ is an inspiration to outdoors cooking all year round, and a brilliant source of warming…

  • AFN Telescoping Camping Fork Roasting Stick


    AFN Telescoping Camping Fork Roasting Stick

    AFN Telescoping Camping Fork - telescoping marshmallow roasting sticks What will they think of next? The AFN Telescoping Camping Fork is the perfect campfire accessory. Everybody loves to roast marshmallows by the fire, and the telescopic fork allows you to do it in safety and comfort. Now you…

  • Campfire Melamine Dinner sets (16 piece larger mug set)


    Campfire Melamine Dinner sets (16 piece larger mug set)

    Melamine dinner sets – 16 Piece kit containing Large mugs, dinner plates, side plates and deep bowls Looking for a larger mug? Before heading to Capitol Hill in Canberra, the obvious place to start a search for a mug, check out the 16 Piece Larger Mugs Melamine Sets by Campfire and Companion…

  • Camping Toasters


    Camping Toasters

    Camping Toasters (Choose from 1 slice or 4 slice models) When you’re out in the middle of nowhere, roughing it in the bush, the middle of the desert or a beach hundreds of kilometres from the nearest human, there generally isn’t anywhere for you to plug in your electric toaster. Of…

  • Supex Dutch Oven


    Supex Dutch Oven

    Supex Dutch Oven Camp Oven For many, the thought of camping will always bring back the memory of the incredible aromas wafting through the bush that are coming directly from the camp oven, cooking away beneath the coals of a roaring fire. It is the quintessential cooking style for family camping and…

  • Companion Collapsible Cookware (Pop up)

    Companion Brands

    Companion Collapsible Cookware (Pop up)

    …the home kitchen in small units and studio apartments where storage space is at a premium. Companion collapsible cookware for sale now should be your first choice. When you don’t want to compromise your available storage space but still want a full range of options in the kitchen collapsible…

  • Big Boar Ozpig Accessories

    Big Boar

    Big Boar Ozpig Accessories

    …is just a brilliant kettle whatever your outdoor kitchen arrangement. You don’t have to have an OZPIG to get all the benefits of the best outdoor kettle on the market. It’s time to upgrade from the old billy and equip your kitchen with a camping kettle that will cover everybody’s…

  • Companion Thermal Cooker 7 Litre

    Companion Brands

    Companion Thermal Cooker 7 Litre

    Companion Travel Chef thermal cooker for camping cooking (Formally this product was Primus) Slow cooking is enjoying a renascence in contemporary kitchens. Diners cooks and foodies have become reacquainted with this ancient technique that releases flavours, richness, creates tender meets and…

  • Companion Pop Up Kettle

    Companion Brands

    Companion Pop Up Kettle

    Companion Pop up Kettle It has long been understood that the humble brew can have astonishingly positive effects on morale. Now you can go everywhere knowing a brew is as simple as a Popup. Just add water to your compact Popup Kettle and you can refresh the entire group quickly and easily. Gone are…

  • Elemental Knife Sharpener


    Elemental Knife Sharpener

    …sharpener Keep your knife sharp for outstanding cuts every time with the Elemental Knife sharpener. It’s Great in the kitchen at home but perfect for your camping kitchen, camping kit, the caravan or camper trailer or the BBQ. Constructed from durable, hard wearing materials, the Elemental…

  • Jarvis Walker Tec Tackle Fish Filleting Board With Clamp

    Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker Tec Tackle Fish Filleting Board With Clamp

    …you clean and fillet at the place you have caught the fish, you can return the offcuts to the water to feed the other fish. No smelly fish in the kitchen at home or in your garbage bin. Purchase your Jarvis Walker Tec Tackle Filleting board and clamp for sale now, and fillet like a legend, no mess,…

  • Watersnake Telescopic Motor Extension Handle

    Jarvis Walker

    Watersnake Telescopic Motor Extension Handle

    …handle Let’s face it, much of the worlds creative innovation is about, speed, comfort and convenience. A couple of great examples are kitchen appliances, aeroplanes and fast food drive through. Much of the product development comes about through a desire for greater convenience. We’ll…

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