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  • Daiwa Ryoga Reel Baitcaster

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Ryoga Reel Baitcaster

    …Ryoga 1016H Righ Hand 255 PE1.5/200 metres 16lb/100 metres Ryoga 1016HL Left Hand 255 PE1.5/200 metres 16lb/100 metres Ryoga 1520H Right Hand 270 PE2/230 metres 20lb/100 metres Ryoga 1520HL Left Hand 270 PE2/230 metres 20lb/100 metres * Model: Daiwa Ryoga Baitcaster Fishing Reel * Gear ratio: 6.3:1…

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  • Shimano Caius Baitcaster Reel


    Shimano Caius Baitcaster Reel

    Shimano Caius Baitcaster Reel Handling a baitcaster fishing reel with skill is often scene as a coming of age for the angler. The baitcaster is often seen as the high end or sports car of fishing reels. This is because, traditionally, baitcasters have required a significantly higher level of skill…

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  • Shimano SLX Baitcaster Reel


    Shimano SLX Baitcaster Reel

    …SLX Baitcaster reel. You can fish hard, Features and Specifications ModelGear RatioMax Drag (Kg)Retrieve (cm) per crank SLX 150 Right Hand 6.3:1 5.5 63 SLX 150HG Right Hand 7.2:1 5.0 72 SLX 151HG Left Hand 7.2:1 5.0 72 SLXDC 150 Digital Right Hand 6.3:1 5.5 67 SLXDC 150HG Digital Right Hand 7.2:1…

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  • Shimano Citica Baitcaster Reel


    Shimano Citica Baitcaster Reel

    …value on reel cosmetics. The black, grey and gold combine to emanate class and refinement, and the new Citica certainly does not stop at aesthetics. A quick browse of the inclusion list will whet the appetite of the most demanding baitcaster fan. Of the 3 models, two of them, a left and right handed

  • Curado DC Reel Baitcaster


    Curado DC Reel Baitcaster

    …you who are not too familiar with baitcaster fishing reels, you will require a baitcaster type rod to marry this reel to. We have plenty for sale (search baitcaster rod on our search tool). Benefits * Shielded Anti-Rust bearing ensures your Curado DC Reel will endure under the tough salt conditions.…

  • Daiwa Fuego CT Baitcaster Reel

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Fuego CT Baitcaster Reel

    hand, the Daiwa Fuego Baitcaster Reel for sale now is a class above, yet accessible to the average wallet. Price is for 1 reel only so, all that is left is for you to pick which one of the models you wish to purchase ModelGear RatioHand Fuego CT 100H 6.3:1 Right Hand Fuego CT 100HL 6.3:1 Left Hand

  • Daiwa Tatula 150 Reel Baitcaster

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Tatula 150 Reel Baitcaster

    …/ left hand Note: Price in our listing for sale is for one single reel only. Images for illustration purpose. Choose which model you require when ordering. Daiwa Tatula 150 Baitcaster reel fishing applications and rod suggestion guide Being a baitcaster reel, they must only pair up with baitcaster

  • Shimano Tranx Reel Large Baitcaster


    Shimano Tranx Reel Large Baitcaster

    …a baitcaster reel can offer. As we mentioned earlier, that’s where this reel is going to come in to play, for use with big baits for big fish and can easily stack up to the challenge. There are a couple of models to choose from either a 300 size or a 400 size (or 301 being left hand), plus…

  • Shimano Chronarch Reel G Series


    Shimano Chronarch Reel G Series

    …transferring all the power to the hook, where it is needed. Available in left and right hand models (151 is the left hand model) with a fast and super-fast gearing, the Shimano Curado G Reel series is an advanced baitcaster with outstanding durability. Anglers will be chasing anything from Barra to…

  • Shimano Curado Reel - K Series


    Shimano Curado Reel - K Series

    …make the 8.5:1 ratio reel the one you purchase. As far as rod choice goes, Shimano Curado reels are baitcasters so they will only suit overhead baitcaster style fishing rods. We have quite a few for sale so if you need a helping hand picking a rod to match your new Curado reel then get in touch and…

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  • Daiwa Tatula CT Reel

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Tatula CT Reel

    …CT Reel Baitcaster For Sale The Daiwa Tatula CT baitcaster reel is a model of precision and class. Now lighter and more compact than the previous Tatula fishing reel, the new Tatula CT is more like an extension of the angler’s hand than a fishing reel. Available in left and right hand, and…

  • Fin-nor Primal Reel


    Fin-nor Primal Reel

    …share. The Fin-Nor Primal reel size is amazingly small and the weight astonishingly low for a blue water fishing reel. There is no need to use huge, chunky, back breaking reels to jig or troll for blue water pelagic species. The Primal sits in the palm of your hand, and unless you were told, you…

  • Daiwa Tatula HD Baitcaser Reel LTD

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Tatula HD Baitcaser Reel LTD

    …into the Daiwa Tatula HD baitcaster reel 200H LTD series. They are nothing short of magnificent. The price is very affordable considering the inclusions and are availed in three speeds, P being Power gear, H fast, and HS, really fast. The H is available in a left hand as well. Choose you Tatula…

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