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  • Pre Pack - Gamakatsu Live Bait Hooks


    Pre Pack - Gamakatsu Live Bait Hooks

    …for live baiting or cubing * One of the world’s best fishing hook brands Note: Images only for illustration, price is for 1 packet of hooks only, you select the size you require from our menu How many hooks are in a packet? * 4/0 = 4 Hooks * 5/0 = 5 Hooks * 6/0 = 3 Hooks * 7/0 = 3 hooks * 8/0…

  • Bait Jig Sabiki Fishing Rigs

    Fishing Gear Other

    Bait Jig Sabiki Fishing Rigs

    …jigs are usually a string of hooks (usually up to 6 small hooks on the one line) with some added flashing or fish skin for attraction. You can use your bait jigs from harbour walls, rock platforms or from a boat. No matter which method you choose big fish love live baits. Purchase a sabiki jig today…

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  • Chasebaits Smash Crab Lure


    Chasebaits Smash Crab Lure

    …for sale now where ever crabs live. Drop from rock ledges, pylons and such structure, and let your Junior do the work for you. Benefits * An ideal lure for a huge range of big fish right through the water column. * The braced hook ensures no twisting and your hook stays in place. * There’s…

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  • Gamakatsu Live Bait Hooks (25pc value pack)


    Gamakatsu Live Bait Hooks (25pc value pack)

    …up to a large predator is to use a quality live bait hook and for years Gamakatsu have been one of the leading hook manufactures producing the right hooks for live baiting. Features and Specifications * Model: Gamakatsu Live Bait * Packet of 25 Hooks * Extra Sharp – Chemically sharpened high…

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  • Surecatch Live Bait Needle (Packet of 5)


    Surecatch Live Bait Needle (Packet of 5)

    …The bridle rig delivers. Secondly, the bridle rig is well suited for running ’J’ and circle hooks, with the latter becoming the hook of choice for so many offshore flesh bait applications and game fishing tournaments. A strong and reliable rig can be the difference between tagging…

  • Zerek Live Mullet Lures


    Zerek Live Mullet Lures

    …is enhanced even more by the unique through wire connecting tow point to hook. You will be very pleased to have this feature on your side as you pull a monster Murray Cod from the structure and entanglement. The Zerek Live Mullet is beautifully detailed and amazingly realistic. If you want to…

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  • Chasebaits Live Whiting Lure


    Chasebaits Live Whiting Lure

    Live Whiting Lure Whiting have always been a fabulous live bait. The only problem is that now it is illegal to use undersize Whiting, so the option is unavailable. The Chasebaits live whiting is the perfect solution to the problem. At 95 mm, incredibly realistic with active side fins, the Live

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  • Live Target Baitball Spinner rig

    Live Target

    Live Target Baitball Spinner rig

    …appearance and sound by generating light flashes and noisy vibrations. The larger target baitfish hides the single razor-sharp extra wide gap hook. The Live Target Baitball Spinner is an excellent option for targeting larger Perch, Murray Cod and Barramundi. Working the baitball is easy using a…

  • Owner Flyliner Hooks

    Owner Hooks & Tackle

    Owner Flyliner Hooks

    hooks #1/0 7 hooks #2/0 6 hooks #3/0 6 hooks #4/0 5 hooks Note Price is for one single fly liner packet only. Choose the hook size you required when ordering. Size 1,2,4,6,8 are smaller sizes and 1/0, 2/0, 3/0 or 4/0 are larger sizes (4/0 the largest) Benefits * Ideal for rigging smaller live baits.

  • Mustad Sneck Blackfish hooks

    Mustad Hooks

    Mustad Sneck Blackfish hooks

    hooks Mustad sneck fishing hooks are designed and are ideal for blackfish, Bream, Mullet, Garfish, Trout and more. The mustad Sneck fishing hook is ideal for use with baits such as green weed, sea cabbage, bread, dough and small live baits such as worms. Quantity of Mustad Sneck Fishing Hooks per…

  • Owner Mosquito Circle Hooks

    Owner Hooks & Tackle

    Owner Mosquito Circle Hooks

    …is one one pack of mosquito hooks only. Select size when placing your order. SizeQty In Packet #6 10 hooks #4 10 hooks #2 9 hooks #1 8 hooks #1/0 7 hooks #2/0 6 hooks Benefits * Suitable for fish small live baits and small soft plastics making it a versatile hook for rivers, lakes and other light…

  • Owner Jobu Hooks

    Owner Hooks & Tackle

    Owner Jobu Hooks

    …examples. * Versatile hooks – suitable for trolling, cubing or live baiting. * Anti corrosion black chrome finish to provide extra shelf life to your hooks providing the coating. For your heavy duty trolling, live bating or cubing needs purchase a pack of Owner Jobu hooks for sale from our…

  • Jarvis Walker Bait Bucket

    Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker Bait Bucket

    …or frozen bait and even certain live baits such as live nippers, worms, pipis etc. The Bait bucket sits in a handy position around your waist making it also easy to accesses. * The great benefit to the angler that has a bait bucket is you can stand in the same spot to bait your hook so if you are…

  • Berkley Trout Bait Jars


    Berkley Trout Bait Jars

    bait nuggets or dough. The easy to use, easy to bait up Trout magnet is brilliant for those anglers that prefer to avoid lures and traditional natural baits both live and dead. Depending on your preference you can use either dough or nuggets. The nuggets are ready made to go directly onto the hook,

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  • Tru Turn Gang Hooks


    Tru Turn Gang Hooks

    hook is often a laborious process. We jab ourselves with hook points, close the hole to much so the hooks won’t move, or not enough so they come apart. Often, hooks sold separately to be ganged are quite soft and not great quality. Articulation is poor when joined hook to hook, making baiting

  • Owner SJ41 Stinger Jigger Hooks

    Cultiva Lures

    Owner SJ41 Stinger Jigger Hooks

    …large stick baits, poppers, minnows or jigging lures. Can also be used as a live bait hook. Note: Price is for 1 packet – Images only for illustration purpose Quantity of hooks per packet * 5/0 = 4 hooks * 7/0 = 3 hooks * 9/0 = 3 hooks * 11/0 = 3 hooks Benefits * Ideal hook for jigging…

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