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  • Jackall TN50 Fishing Lure

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall TN50 Fishing Lure

    …TN50 Fishing Lure The Jackall TN50 fishing lure is part of the exciting TN range of lipless crankbaits from Jackall Bros and downsized version of the TN60, great for matching smaller bait profiles or fishing lighter line classes. The Jackall TN50 lures are extremely versatile lures that can be…

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  • Molix Spinnerbait Lure 1oz Pike


    Molix Spinnerbait Lure 1oz Pike

    …and barramundi in Australian waters. Benefits * The ideal lure for getting among the weeds at the bottom and deeper parts of submerged trees and other natural structures where cod or barra lie still in wait. * Weighing in at 1 oz, the lure allows you to weight up a line class or two for a larger…

  • Ecogear SX40 Fishing Lures Bream Lure

    Ecogear Lures

    Ecogear SX40 Fishing Lures Bream Lure

    …fantastic bream lures, but none can compare to the level of success the mighty Ecogear SX40 fishing lures have proven. The Ecogear SX40 fishing lure is the standout go to lure amongst Bream anglers Australia wide. Such a small 40mm sized lure that travels through the water parting an irresistible…

  • Lucky Craft Pointer Lure

    Lucky Craft Fishing Lures

    Lucky Craft Pointer Lure

    parts of Australia they also make great lures for other species like salmon, tailor, bonito and even flathead. Benefits * Gets to working depth quickly. * Holds it tight action and form when retrieved at speed. * Low centre of gravity keeps the rattle rattling and the lure wobbling while the lure is…

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  • Juro Mimic Bug Lure


    Juro Mimic Bug Lure

    …and your ticket to a secure hook up. During the warmer months bugs like Cicadas become an important part of the fish diet, particularly in the fresh. Make sure you are equipped with one or even a couple of Juro Mimic Bug Lures so you can become an essential part of the summer smorgasbord.

  • Halco C-Gar Fishing Lure

    Halco Lures and Fishing Tackle

    Halco C-Gar Fishing Lure

    …a new weighted stick bait lure on the market and you don’t have to be a fish to see that these guys look absolutely delicious. Apart from a range of spectacular colours and the top shelf finish, the Haclo C-Gar lure has some features that make this an awesome part of your kit for targeting…

  • Chasebaits Smash Crab Lure


    Chasebaits Smash Crab Lure

    …At 100mm and weighing in at 39 grams, this is a larger crab bait. There is a massive range of fish that have such crabs as part of their staple. The Chasebaits Smash Crab Lure is ideal fishing for Mulloway in all of their haunts. They are perfect for the reef angler chasing Snapper in particular but…

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  • Chasebaits Flick Prawn Lure


    Chasebaits Flick Prawn Lure

    …as if their life depended on it. The Chasebaits Flick Prawn Lure will become a go-to lure anywhere in the salty inshore waters. Easy to cast and easy to work with a slow roll or twitch, there isn’t a fish that inhabits these parts that won’t beat up his neighbour to get to it first. The…

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  • Chasebaits Bobbin Frog Lure


    Chasebaits Bobbin Frog Lure

    …a host of other freshwater fish. Benefits * Chasebaits Bobbin Frog Lure makes the perfect fishing lure for the river angler that fishes the fresh and brackish. Ideal for hunting all species that consider frog an integral part of a balanced diet. Its realistic design will fool many a fish. * Small…

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  • Halco Hamma Fishing Lure

    Halco Lures and Fishing Tackle

    Halco Hamma Fishing Lure

    …this innovative Australian designed lure as will other saltwater predators such as kingfish, bonito, salmon, tailor and Australian Salmon. Halco are at the forefront of lure technology and design here in Australia and in their factories across the globe. Part of their innovation was to create the…

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  • Bassday Backfire Popper Lure


    Bassday Backfire Popper Lure

    …for your fishing lure bag. * Easy to cast and retrieve. Little effort required to generate peak action. Bassday is famous for making deadly surface lures. For anybody that chases Australia’s favourite river and estuary species in the top-water, Sugapen is likely part of your arsenal. Now…

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  • Storm RIP Seeker Jerk Lure


    Storm RIP Seeker Jerk Lure

    lure that is sure to attract a larger class of fish. As the old adage says, big baits equal big fish. The front of the Storm Rip Seeker Jerk Lure is hard body. The rear wriggler tail part of the lure is soft held on with a single hook. Plus, a handy inclusion is that each Storm Rip Seeker Jerk lure

  • Zerek Shrimp Lure (50mm Size)


    Zerek Shrimp Lure (50mm Size)

    Zerek Live Shrimp Lure 50mm Size There are plenty of plastic Shrimp lures or prawn lures out there and for the most part they’re not much more than shelf filler. The 50mm Zerek Live Shrimp however, is a master mimic, presenting a prawn action and behaviour that is yet to be rivalled in the…

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  • Pro Lure Live Yabbie Lures Soft Plastics (Packet)

    Pro Lure Australia

    Pro Lure Live Yabbie Lures Soft Plastics (Packet)

    Lure Live Yabbie for sale is a genuine Yabbie profile. Sink rates are completely natural and work best with a hidden weight jig head. The weight, of course, will depend on you and the conditions, but light is best. The Live Yabbie creates explosive action with all targets that have Yabbie as part of…

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  • Barambah Bidjiwong Lure Water Dragon

    Barambah Lures

    Barambah Bidjiwong Lure Water Dragon

    …swimming action. At 200mm and 57 grams, the Bidjiwong is a big lure explicitly designed for targeting big Murray cod. It’s important to note, particularly for the newer cod anglers, that lizards are indeed an essential part of the Murray cod menu. The Murray cod is an aggressive, territorial…

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  • Rapala Super Shadow Rap Lure


    Rapala Super Shadow Rap Lure

    …take to the Shadow Rap with fury. Mulloway lure anglers that are fishing in quite shallow water (up to around 6-7ft) will find it invaluable, as the traditionally lure wary Jewfish will strike first, asking pointless questions later. With 77 grams of lure on your leader, casting from the rocks is a…

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