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  • Duo Bay Ruf Vibe Lure

    Duo Lures

    Duo Bay Ruf Vibe Lure

    …specialised lure for fishing salt and fresh water rivers. * Combines the benefits of both vibe style lures and minnows. * Outstanding realistic profile and design presentation deliver irresistible appeal to even the laziest of fish. * The tight and stable action achieves consistency at any retrieve

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  • Rapala XRap Saltwater Shallow Slash Bait SXR10 Fishing Lure


    Rapala XRap Saltwater Shallow Slash Bait SXR10 Fishing Lure

    Rapala Xrap Slashbait SXR10 Fishing lures The Rapala Xrap SXR10 slash bait fishing lure is one awesome fishing lure that Rapala have developed for targeting fresh or saltwater fish species The Rapala Xrap SXR 10 slash bait fishing lure will entice the likes of salmon, Kingfish, Tailor, Bonito,…

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  • Zerek Live Mullet Lures


    Zerek Live Mullet Lures

    …you frequent both, the Zerek Live Mullet Lures are begging for a prime position in your big fish lure arsenal. The unique segmented design ensures an irresistible swim action that is incredibly easy to generate and maintain at peak. A simple straight retrieve at whatever speed you feel appropriate,…

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  • Halco Hamma Fishing Lure

    Halco Lures and Fishing Tackle

    Halco Hamma Fishing Lure

    …will allow a depth of around 3 metres or so. * Halco Hamma lures are strategically designed with a weight transfer system meaning that it will cast easier as well as stay in the strike zone longer when you do fish the lure on the retrieve since it suspends. * 85mm size ideal for targeting a large…

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  • Pro Lure Paddle Grub Lures

    Pro Lure Australia

    Pro Lure Paddle Grub Lures

    …of the fish. * An easy lure to work as a very slow retrieve provides exceptional action. The slow roll, ideal for the surface, is an easy retrieve to master and delivers excellent results. * Value for money there are 10 lures in the packet. The Pro Lure Paddle Grub Lures are an essential addition…

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  • Jarvis Walker Lure Pack (5 Lures)

    Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker Lure Pack (5 Lures)

    …walker minnow lures work best with an erratic action on the retrieve to mimic a fleeing baitfish. A Jarvis walker minnow lure is best worked in lakes, rivers and dams. Jarvis Walker Popper Lure Pack Just for something different to the range of diving lures above we also have a surface lure pack for…

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  • Pro Lure V35 Blade Lure

    Pro Lure Australia

    Pro Lure V35 Blade Lure

    …in touch with it on the drop. Keep it natural. Never be afraid to experiment with the retrieve and definitely have a number of colours on hand to catch the mood of the fish on the day. At 4 grams Pro Lure blade lure can cast a mile on light kit allowing you to cover a huge area. Multiple connection…

  • Profishent Vixen Blade Lure

    Profishent Tackle

    Profishent Vixen Blade Lure

    …your lure box, even for when the fish are a little shut down and need something to awaken their appetite. Features and Specifications * Profile: Shrimp blade fishing Lure * Tow point options: 2 * Vibrating action on retrieve * Lure weight: Approx 6 grams * Lure Size: Approx 39mm * Lure clip included…

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  • Jackall TN50 Fishing Lure

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall TN50 Fishing Lure

    …medium retrieve. Jackall TN50 lures have a tungsten metal weight on the outside lip which allows for more body room for the lure to make its unique and irresistible rattling vibration. TN50 lures are designed to have the ultimate balance so the lure can swim at the very slowest retrieval speeds for…

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  • Zman Chatterbait Lure


    Zman Chatterbait Lure

    …only. Benefits * You can cast it deep into the snags and more than likely still retrieve your lure, hopefully with a fish attached, since it is a little more snag resistant compared to lures such as hard body lures. * It may look like best left of the shelf but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.…

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  • Lunkerhunt Prop Frog Lure


    Lunkerhunt Prop Frog Lure

    …* When the lure is paused upon retrieve the frog's chin sits up exactly like a real frog. Fish frequently devour the frog lure when it is stationary. * Beautifully weighted for smooth, accurate casting, the Prop Frog is also super easy to work at peak action. The Lunkerhunt Prop Frog Lure has become…

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  • Hurricane Fat 37 Lure

    Hurricane Lures

    Hurricane Fat 37 Lure

    …a matt black finish which for some reason or another has been one of the biggest selling colours across all bream lure brands. Benefits * The lure is capable of variable retrieve options for picking the mood and matching the terrain. * Perfect for casting long and wide on light line class to…

  • Profishent Tackle Cojack Lure

    Profishent Tackle

    Profishent Tackle Cojack Lure

    …bass. Being a shallow floating diver lure, the Profishent Tackle Cojack Lure is excellent for fishing over structure, weed beds, across sand flats and anywhere else where you’ll commonly pick up a fish or two. You can retrieve Cojack fishing lures in several ways, including slow roll or…

  • Storm Arashi Spinbait Lure


    Storm Arashi Spinbait Lure

    …leave your lure alone. The main feature is the twin counter-rotating propellers, 3 blades at the front and twin at the rear, that create the fish attracting vibration and turbulence as well as flashes of silver. The Strom Arashi Spinbait fishing lure is best worked at a slow retrieve. It will…

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  • Jackall Micro Pompadour Lure

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall Micro Pompadour Lure

    …Pompadour Lure The best way to fish this lure is to cast it out, let it sit for a little bit before a retrieve, and then wind back at a relatively slow pace, it’s often a good idea to do a couple of turns of the reel then pause the lure again. So, a start and stop retrieve. Where possible…

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  • Bassday Backfire Popper Lure


    Bassday Backfire Popper Lure

    …surface lure manufacturer. The maker of the famous and deadly Sugapen. It’s a brand that comes with proven fish catching results. * Works brilliantly for a wide range of fish in both salt and freshwater making it a versatile option for your fishing lure bag. * Easy to cast and retrieve. Little…

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