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  • Jarvis Walker Lure Pack (5 Lures)

    Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker Lure Pack (5 Lures)

    Lure Pack With this handy pack of 5 hard body minnow lures measuring 80mm expect to target a range of inshore saltwater and freshwater fish. A versatile floating minnow profile lure that is ideal for fish species which include, bream, Australian bass, tailor, salmon, flathead, perch, mangrove jack

  • Jackall Squirrel Lures

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall Squirrel Lures

    …Squirrel Lures For Sale Here’s a massive tip for inshore lure anglers who chase mangrove jack, barra and perch in the rivers. The Jackall Squirrel lures listed below will be all you need to build a formidable Aussie river diving lure arsenal. These are precision fishing lures designed and…

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  • Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lures


    Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lures

    …– 3 Lures (Recommended hook/jig head size 7/0 or 8/0) Note: Price is for one packet of Fat Swim Impact Lures only. Prices can vary depending on the size you order. Multiple images are for illustration only. Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lure Buying Guide The Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lures for sale…

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  • Duo Bay Ruf Vibe Lure

    Duo Lures

    Duo Bay Ruf Vibe Lure

    …will find this lure indispensable, Anglers fishing the Shoalhaven river in southern NSW can’t get enough of them, nor can the local fish. It will also become a favourite for Grunters in the North and the West, and Jack hunters in the North with the nerve to cast into the mangrove chaos, will…

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  • Chasebaits Live Whiting Lure


    Chasebaits Live Whiting Lure

    …rivers, estuaries and beaches, the Chasebaits Live Whiting Lure will also work miracles in the fresh. Bass, Cod and Yellow Belly love them and the Salty anglers will enjoy a huge response from the likes of Flathead, Mulloway, Mangrove Jacks, Tailor, Trevally and Barra. There are 3 enticing colours,…

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  • Rapala Shadow Rap Jack Deep Lure


    Rapala Shadow Rap Jack Deep Lure

    …Sooty grunter, bream, Australian bass, trout, flathead, redfin, mangrove jack and a wide range of other lake and river dwelling fish species Note: Price is for 1 lure only. Choose the colour you require when ordering. Multiple lure images for illustration only. Benefits * The Bream anglers will be…

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  • Smilin Jacks Salmon Lure Pack Blue Laser Colour

    Fishing Gear Other

    Smilin Jacks Salmon Lure Pack Blue Laser Colour

    …big mangrove jack and more. Benefits * Outstanding quality at an affordable price and handy multi pack of 3 fishing lures. * A versatile lure that will attract a huge number of salt water species. * Brilliant for a broad range of locations, from rocks and beach, to blue water, mangroves flats…

  • Rapala Twitchin Mullet Lure


    Rapala Twitchin Mullet Lure

    …single hooks Note: Image for illustration only – Price is for 1 lure only, select colour required when ordering. Buy In Bulk & Save Buy between 4-9 Twitchin mullet lures - save 10% off the price Buy 10+ Twitchin Mullet Lures - Save 15% off the price Benefits * Outstanding versatility. If…

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  • ZMan Minnowz Lures


    ZMan Minnowz Lures

    …fishing lures are genuinely very durable. We don’t really need to tell you that a cut and busted plastic swims poorly and loses appeal very quickly. It’s also kind of obvious that after a few round in the mouth of Flathead or Mangrove Jack, your soft plastic fishing lure will often…

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  • Profishent Vixen Vibe Lure

    Profishent Tackle

    Profishent Vixen Vibe Lure

    …Vixen Vibe Lure by Profishent Tackle. Vixen Vibe lures are versatile in design at 65mm and weighing in at around 11 grams they are not only ideal for freshwater on yellowbelly but will also be slayers on big bass or redfin, murray cod and you will even entice a barra or mangrove jack out of its snag…

  • Zerek Fish Trap Lures


    Zerek Fish Trap Lures

    jack and a host of other mid-class fish. Fish Trap 110 – Is for the toughest of fish. At 110mm and 34 grams in weight this size fish trap has been designed to handle barramundi, murray cod, fingermark, queenfish, mangrove jack and a class of bigger reef fish. Don’t doubt this lure,

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  • Samaki Vibelicious Lures


    Samaki Vibelicious Lures

    Samaki vibelicious Lures – Soft Plastic Vibe Lure We all know the potency of the vibe fishing lure. Sometimes it’s all a fish will take. Often after a day on the water throwing everything at whatever for nothing, a change to a soft plastic vibe can reap astonishing results. We also know…

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  • Tiemco Panic Cicada Lures


    Tiemco Panic Cicada Lures

    …few at Mangrove Jacks also. While hook selection will be determined by your application, we recommend Mustad megabite hooks – size 4. This chemically sharpened, weedless hook is available here at and is sold separately. Make sure you add a pack to your lure order.…

  • Bassday Sugapen Fishing Lures


    Bassday Sugapen Fishing Lures

    …fishing lures and why wouldn’t they? A multi-action profile designed for targeting the likes of whiting, bream, Australian bass, perch, barra, mangrove jack, trout and a host of other freshwater and saltwater fish targets all depending on what size Bassday Sugapen fishing lure you choose…

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  • Halco Laser Pro Lures

    Halco Lures and Fishing Tackle

    Halco Laser Pro Lures

    …Fishing Lure (STD or DD) * Length: 11.8cm * Approx Weight: 20 grams * Hooks: Triple Strength Mustad Trebles #1 * Diving Depth: 2.5m+ (DD) or 1m (STD) * Ideal trolling speeds: 3 knots on the standard model and 1 to 7 knots on the DD model * Better inshore size for barra, fingermark, mangrove jack and…

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  • Berkley Gulp Shrimp Lures


    Berkley Gulp Shrimp Lures

    …but don’t be surprised if you get in a look from a mangrove jack, threadfin salmon, barra or mulloway. You can even use the 3 inch shrimp for offshore work on shallow reefs for snapper and other reef fish. * 3 inches in length * 6 Lures in the packet * Recommended Jig head size hook: Size 1 or…

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