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  • Zerek Fish Trap Lures


    Zerek Fish Trap Lures

    lure perfect for targeting the toughest of fish. It’s difficult to isolate a particular species to target. Everything you can imagine will have an almighty chew on your Zerek Fish Trap Lures. Fresh or saltwater, it doesn’t matter. Tackle massive Barra from every location. Murray cod will…

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  • Chasebaits Bobbin Frog Lure


    Chasebaits Bobbin Frog Lure

    Chasebaits Bobbin Frog Lure Freshwater Fishing Lure Frogs account for a huge number of great catches on the inshore waters, particularly up river. They’re a staple for such fish as Bass, Barramundi, Jack, Jungle Perch, Murray Cod, Saratoga, Trout and a host of others. For those who fish the…

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  • Shimano Raider Rods


    Shimano Raider Rods

    …other light to mid class reef dwellers. Shimano Raider Snapper rods also double up as great inshore rods to target queenfish, barra, fingermark, murray cod and other mid-class heavier inshore species. Next, in the heavier class line up, we discuss Barra spin models. As the name suggests, Shimano has…

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  • 80% OFF 2.5 inch Sebile Bull Crank Deep (Box of 4 Lures) SMPP

    80% OFF 2.5 inch Sebile Bull Crank Deep (Box of 4 Lures) SMPP

    …* 2.5 inch size * 14 grams lure weight * Deep Runner - diving depth 8-12ft Sebile Bull Crank shallow runner fishing lures are impressively priced on our Sebile Lure Sale. At 2.5 inches (6.4cm) and 14 grams this lure is ideal for a host of fish including Barramundi, Cod, perch, mangrove jack and a…

  • Atomic Slappa Cod Lure

    Atomic Lures

    Atomic Slappa Cod Lure

    Cod Lure – Surface Fishing Lures It’s tough to pick a lure when you’re casting widely for different species in the rivers, lakes and dams. When you want to land a prize perch without excluding the chance of nailing a Murray cod on the same rig, you need an Atomic Slappa Cod Lure,

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  • Warlock Cod Hopper Surface Lure


    Warlock Cod Hopper Surface Lure

    …Warlock Cod Hopper Lure is definitely a Murray Cod and Barra specialist. Tossing lures on the surface for Barra has been popular for quite some time, and now the trend has really taken off fishing for the Murray Cod. The Warlock Cod Hopper Lure is fast becoming a go-to weapon for the Murray Cod. If…

  • River 2 Sea Cod Sniper Lure

    River 2 Sea

    River 2 Sea Cod Sniper Lure

    River 2 Sea Cod Sniper Lures For Sale There’s nothing quite like casting hard body fishing lures at Murray cod. The River 2 Sea Cod Sniper Lure is a purpose built to target this highly prized fish species and is one affordable lure you shouldn’t be without. Whether you fish from the…

  • Kingfisher Mudraker Lures

    Kingfisher Lures

    Kingfisher Mudraker Lures

    …Mudraker Lures – Timber Version Be inspired by these fantastic Cod Lures. Mike Shelton from Kingfisher Lures in Inverell Australia has crafted these inspiring murray cod lures sporting a full timber body at a price that is jaw-droppingly cheap for an authentic timber made fishing lure.

  • Kingfisher Mantis Lures

    Kingfisher Lures

    Kingfisher Mantis Lures

    …the longevity of your lure. * Noisy lure action for better fish attraction. * Action emitted represents natural food source for Cod and Barramundi. If you are looking for one of the best murray cod surface lures or barra lure then make sure you consider Kingfisher mantis lures. For Sale now and we…

  • Live Target Swimbait Lures

    Live Target

    Live Target Swimbait Lures

    …bait. To get the big ones, you need to attach a Live Target Swimbait Lure to your line. The Live Target Adult Trout Swimbait will be the for the Murray Cod. The Live Target Sunfish Swimbait will also work beautifully on the Cod but will be awesome for attracting massive Barra. Big money and research…

  • Tsunami Spinnerbait Lures

    Jarvis Walker

    Tsunami Spinnerbait Lures

    …for: Murray cod, big yellowbelly or barramundi * Quality Skirts that are thick and bushy Benefits * The cunning design of the Tsunami Spinnerbait lure allows for varied retrieves and techniques. * The heavy weight assists the lure to get down deep. * These baits are a special for Murray Cod and…

  • Zerek Live Mullet Lures


    Zerek Live Mullet Lures

    …fish action. Available in either 3.5 inch size or 5.5 inch size and in some amazing colours, Zerek Live Mullet lures for sale now will become a special for the like of Murray Cod, big Perch, Barramundi and Mulloway. The secret is in connection of the segments which is achieved via Kevlar webbing.…

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  • Keitech Easy Shiner Lures


    Keitech Easy Shiner Lures

    …Keitech Easy Shiner Lures Buyer Guide We stock the 2 inch which is perfect for Bass, Perch, Bream and Trout and other light class fish. The 4 inch is excellent for a larger class of the fish mentioned as well as Flathead. The 5 inch is excellent for Barra and Murray Cod and an ideal choice for…

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  • Tiemco Panic Cicada Lures


    Tiemco Panic Cicada Lures

    …topwater lures. Grab a packet of Tiemco Panic Cicadas and see for yourself, the difference a top shelf lure can make to your catch. Features and Specifications * Type: Topwater * Buoyancy: Floating * Size: 40mm * Weight: 4g * Price is for 1x Packet of 3 Lures (choose colour when ordering) * Lures

  • Mikado Flying Fishunter Lures

    Fishing Gear Other

    Mikado Flying Fishunter Lures

    …the lure with an aggressive fish attracting tail action. The wings are a 2 conjoined grub tail lures which when combined with the body create a profile and action that can only be described as going to be deadly on species here in Australia such as Barramundi, Snapper, Murray Cod and Mulloway…

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  • Bassday Sugapen Fishing Lures


    Bassday Sugapen Fishing Lures

    …fishing the shallows. Bassday Sugapen 95 Lure So, 95mm is where we start getting a bit of size in the lure, though the profile is still slender making it quite versatile in its ability to be fished inshore or offshore. Peg it at big bream, perch, murray cod, bonito, salmon, tailor, mangrove jack,…

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