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  • Penn Allegiance Surf Rods


    Penn Allegiance Surf Rods

    …beach. Do it with your Penn allegiance rod and you’ll be doing it in style. With several rods in the series from which to choose when ordering from us, there is definitely one that will favour your application, style and technique. You know Penn performance, you know Penn quality. You know…

  • Penn Regiment Fishing Rods


    Penn Regiment Fishing Rods

    Penn Regiment Fishing Rods - Black Ops Series Looking for a quality boat rod or heavy inshore fishing rod? Head straight to the top shelf with the Penn Regiment rod series. All spinning rods in the range are designed with incredible strength, without compromising the light weight feel we have all…

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  • Penn Conflict II Reels


    Penn Conflict II Reels

    …of the Penn Conflict II Reels. The new materials make this as robust as all the other Penn reels but with improved corrosion resistance, meaning this Penn will endure many sessions in Australia’s tough fishing environment. The Penn Conflict II for sale now ushers in a new era for Penn spin.…

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  • Penn Ally Boat Rods


    Penn Ally Boat Rods

    …Suggestion guide Penn Ally Boat rods are designed for heavy boat fishing, great for bottom bashing or even a bit of trolling on spin gear. In terms of reel size to match we recommend a Penn 6000, 650 or 6500 size spin reel to go with the 10-15kg rated rods, an 8000, 750 or 7500 size penn reel to go…

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  • Penn Wrath Reel


    Penn Wrath Reel

    …the entry-level Penn Wrath reel. The Wrath is a new addition to the Penn stables. The Wrath spin reel is all about accessible, affordable fishing, without compromising the fishing experience and durability. Suitable for the beginner and anglers on the tightest of budgets, the Penn Wrath for sale…

  • Penn Fierce 3 Reel


    Penn Fierce 3 Reel

    Penn Fierce 3 Reel (Spin or Live Liner Fierce III) The Penn Fierce Reel has been a massive seller for the Penn brand. Now on its 3rd incarnation, the features of this versatile reel continue to improve. The latest refinements have enhanced the Fierce performance even further, yet the entry-level…

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  • Penn Pursuit Reels


    Penn Pursuit Reels

    …point. The Penn Pursuit Reels for sale now should be the first choice of any angler that has the tightest of budgets yet wishes to fish with performance equipment. Loaded with impressive features, the Penn Pursuit Reels Series III Fishing Reel is a 5-star recommendation with a bullet. Penn Pursuit…

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  • Penn Filleting Knife


    Penn Filleting Knife

    …model fishing knives when ordering) Penn. For all of us it is a brand name synonymous with the very best of quality. There reels and rods are famous throughout the globe and most of us have a kit with one or more Penn accessory as part of the arsenal. The Penn filleting knives will make a valuable…

  • Penn Spinfisher VI Reels


    Penn Spinfisher VI Reels

    …the Penn Spinfisher VI. Durability and longevity are assured as the sealing keeps the salt water out of critical componentry. * Stainless sealed bearings not only provide a silky smooth cranks but also ensures your Penn requires only cursory maintenance to sustain a very long working life. Then Penn

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  • Penn Crimping Pliers


    Penn Crimping Pliers

    Penn Crimping Pliers When you’re fishing heavy, making heavy wire and mono leaders the only way you can be sure of getting seriously strong bonds is by using crimping pliers that are up to the task. The Penn Crimping Pliers for sale now is definitely the tool for the job. Create strong bonds…

  • Penn Performance Vented Shirt


    Penn Performance Vented Shirt

    …with Penn apparel. You’ve been fishing all day now perhaps with a Penn rod, reel and accessories?, happy that your wife had let you out of the pen in the first place, and having just landed a 20lb Jew, you are now convinced that the Penn name is mightier than the sword. Dress up in Penn

  • Penn Gimbal Belt


    Penn Gimbal Belt

    …feeling like you have just entered a war zone. The Penn Gimbal Belt changes all of that. It not only protects you physically, it provides the leverage you need to lay in hard, turn your fish around and get him heading towards the boat. The Penn Fishing Gimbal Belt is moulded for comfort and control.…

  • Penn Fishing Apparel Shirts


    Penn Fishing Apparel Shirts

    …not only on the water chasing fish. Show your pride in being a Penn fan by wearing Penn fishing apparel for sale now. Support the brand that has supported your fishing for decades. Don’t just fish with Penn, wear Penn, and let your fishing buddies know exactly where your fishing success…

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  • Penn Fishing Reel Covers


    Penn Fishing Reel Covers

    Penn Fishing Reel Covers Neoprene - For Spinning Reels Use Penn reel covers to protect your Penn spin reel or in fact any other brand of spinning reel and make sure your investment stands the test of time under the pressures of a harsh Aussie fishing environment. For such a small outlay you will get…

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  • Penn Ocean Assassin Popper Rod


    Penn Ocean Assassin Popper Rod

    …deeper stuff by the shelf for mega Tuna. The Penn Ocean Assassin Popper Rod is a serious fishing rod for serious fish. The Stickbait and Popper models are designed and refined for a purpose. If you want to get the most out of fishing the surface, choose Penn Ocean Assassin Rods. It’s the only…

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  • Penn International Reel VI Series


    Penn International Reel VI Series

    Penn International Reel VI Series For Game Fishing - 2 Speed Game fisho's get excited! It's not too often game reels get a make over however Penn have just taken the new Penn International reel to a brand new level. Still proudly made in the USA the biggest difference between the old Penn

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