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  • Chasebaits Bobbin Frog Lure


    Chasebaits Bobbin Frog Lure

    Chasebaits Bobbin Frog Lure Freshwater Fishing Lure Frogs account for a huge number of great catches on the inshore waters, particularly up river. They’re a staple for such fish as Bass, Barramundi, Jack, Jungle Perch, Murray Cod, Saratoga, Trout and a host of others. For those who fish the…

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  • Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider Lure


    Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider Lure

    …Phantom Spider Lure. If you chase bass, sooties, cod, perch or saratoga, you’re going to have to have a selection of Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider Lures in your kit. Get a Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider Lure in your lure stash now, and experience the joys of fishing with award-winning lures. Features…

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  • Storm Arashi Spinbait Lure


    Storm Arashi Spinbait Lure

    …Australian Bass, Perch, Flathead, Bream and a host of other lake and river species. Note: Images for illustration only. Price is for one spinbait lure only. Choose which colour you require when ordering. Guide: How to use the Storm Arashi Spinbait Lure Simply put, spin bait fishing lures are best…

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  • Rapala Ultra Light Fat Shad Fishing Lure 4cm


    Rapala Ultra Light Fat Shad Fishing Lure 4cm

    Lure makes a great selection from your lure box for many styles of finesse tournament fishing and is sure to account for some excellent trophy TB fish. In the freshwater, the Rapala Ultra Light Shad fishing lures will perform well on freshwater species such as Yellow Belly Perch, Silver Perch, Red…

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  • Strike Pro Pygmy Lures

    Strike Pro

    Strike Pro Pygmy Lures

    …Fishing Lures The Pygmy Fishing Lure by Strike Pro lures is only a small fellow but has risen to be a tournament winner and is now regarded as one of Australia’s favourite bream lures. At only 4cm and 3 grams in weight this little beauty is perfect for targeting Bream, Bass, Perch and Trout.…

  • Chasebaits Wiggle Bomb Lures Tadpole


    Chasebaits Wiggle Bomb Lures Tadpole

    …very hard. The likes of Australian Bass, Murray Cod, Saratoga, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Jungle Perch and perhaps even Trout lead with the mouth, and they strike at Chasebaits Wiggle Bomb lures as if it were to be their last meal. For those anglers looking for a feed, it may well be the hapless…

  • Zerek Fish Trap Lures


    Zerek Fish Trap Lures

    …is a 10 gram 65mm soft plastic curl tail lure designed specifically for Australia’s rivers and lakes. With a 65mm you’re going to be targeting a massive range of fish species both freshwater and saltwater. Big trout will take them as will perch and sooty grunter. Expect flathead, snapper…

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  • Pro Lure Crank Diver Bream Lures

    Pro Lure Australia

    Pro Lure Crank Diver Bream Lures

    …the difference between winning and losing. That’s where the D36 and S36 Crank come into their own. While many fish from Bass to Perch will devour a Pro Lure Crank, it is hands down a special for the Bream angler. If you really want to catch kilo and better Bream on a regular basis, (and…

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  • Pro Lure Paddle Grub Lures

    Pro Lure Australia

    Pro Lure Paddle Grub Lures

    …Success is determined by results and Pro Lure gets results. The results are not just at tournament level but also with the average weekend lure enthusiast. The Pro Lure Paddle Grub Lures for sale now are the most versatile soft plastic in the Pro Lure range. While an absolute special for ‘pink…

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  • Jarvis Walker Lure Pack (5 Lures)

    Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker Lure Pack (5 Lures)

    …Bass Lures are 55mm in size and are of a fatter profile offering an impressive wobble intended to mimic natural baits upon your retrieve of the lure. Like the bream kit these lures will not only just catch bass, they make a great cheap lure for targeting Yellowbelly perch, trout, Redfin perch,

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  • Ecogear SX40 Fishing Lures Bream Lure

    Ecogear Lures

    Ecogear SX40 Fishing Lures Bream Lure

    …just bream that will smack down this amazing little lure. The Ecogear SX40 Fishing Lures will attract the attention of most fish that reside in an estuary or lake system, both freshwater or saltwater. You’ll pull Australian bass or perch from their snags and flathead or whiting from the…

  • Pro Lure SF62 Pencil Fishing Lure

    Pro Lure Australia

    Pro Lure SF62 Pencil Fishing Lure

    …it’ll be hard for them to resist taking down the lure with an aggressive strike. Whether it be saltwater or for fishing for Australian bass or perch in the fresh we recommend having at least having one Pro Lure SF62 Pencil fishing lure in your tackle kit. Give surface a try, it’s quite…

  • Pro Lure Grub Tail Lures (Packet)

    Pro Lure Australia

    Pro Lure Grub Tail Lures (Packet)

    Pro Lure Grub Tail Soft Plastic Lures (Packet) Pro Lure Australia have always known that their lures were something special. They knew that their lures stood head and heels above the countless oceans of imitations pushed onto the market as uninspiring shelf filler. It was the decision to distance…

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  • Jarvis Walker Wobbler Lure Packs (2 lures)

    Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker Wobbler Lure Packs (2 lures)

    …style lure in an affordable pack of 2 lures and available in either a 7 gram size or 28 gram size. Jarvis walker wobbler lures are capable of two actions. A side to side wobble at slow speeds. Ideal actions for targeting species such as sooty grunter, saratoga, trout or redfin perch. Or an erratic…

  • Juro Mimic Grasshopper Lure


    Juro Mimic Grasshopper Lure

    …Hopper fishing lure is ideal for Australian freshwater species such as Bass, Yellowbelly Perch, Silver Perch, Redfin Perch and even Trout. The Juro Mimic Grasshopper fishing lure is also a great lure for Bream and Estuary Perch. The Juro Mimic Hopper fishing lure is a performance lure at a budget…

  • Trollcraft Bass Bug Lure

    Fishing Gear Other

    Trollcraft Bass Bug Lure

    …Bass Bug Lure – Surface fishing lure for bass, perch and cod Casting lures in the evening takes some skill and the right lure. Your average weekend angler rarely considers fishing lures at night, particularly in the dark upper reaches of a distant river. With the right lure, the right…

Related Categories: Chasebaits
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