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  • Daiwa Eliminator Reel

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Eliminator Reel

    for a better feel, less stretch and a little more certainty, should a monster Lizard hammer the plastic you’d served up in a Whiting hunt. The Daiwa Eliminator Spin Reel Series for sale now is a genuine high-end performer at an accessible price point. Buy one of the Eliminator fishing reels

  • Daiwa Sol Reel III

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Sol Reel III

    for illustration only. Price is for one reel only, pick which size sol III reel you require when ordering. Daiwa Soll Reel III Buyer’s Guide Small Size Class Sol Reels If you are predominantly fishing inshore grounds such as lakes and rivers for species such as Australian bass, trout, whiting,

  • AFN Essential Whiting Tactics Fishing DVD


    AFN Essential Whiting Tactics Fishing DVD

    …of Whiting he has become known for. Lee will teach you the differences between schools of Whiting, how to rig your lines, which rods and reels to use, what baits to use, along with many, many more tips, tricks, and techniques that can only come from Lee’s years of professional experience. For

  • Whiting Fishing Rod & Reel Combo - Shakespeare Wild Series


    Whiting Fishing Rod & Reel Combo - Shakespeare Wild Series

    …with this combo. Put a Shakespeare Wild Series Whiting Combo in your shopping trolley now, and present family and guests with a platter of delicious, white flesh, Whiting fillets this weekend. Whiting Rod & Reel Combo – for lakes & rivers Features and Specifications…

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  • Fin-Nor Megalite Reel


    Fin-Nor Megalite Reel

    for big flathead or mulloway through to light offshore for snapper and other reef fish. The 40-sized reel will also make a great light beach or rock style reel for chasing the likes of whiting, dart, drummer and a host of other common targets. Our recommendations for rod choice would be to look for

  • Shimano Stradic FL Reel


    Shimano Stradic FL Reel

    …and sooty grunter as it is for saltwater-brackish species like mangrove jack, mulloway, queenfish, golden snapper and barramundi. The Stradic 4000FL Reel makes an excellent light beach and rock reel. Just right for casting baits and lures for drummer, whiting, trevally, dart, salmon and tailor.…

  • Penn Clash Reel


    Penn Clash Reel

    …a medium-sized reel which will cover a lot of different applications. Capable of heavy estuary fishing for mulloway or barramundi, Bay or light offshore for snapper and other reef fish. You could even use a 4000 to 5000 sized reel for light rock or surf fishing to target whiting, bream or dart. The…

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  • Shimano Catana Reel


    Shimano Catana Reel

    …Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Bass, Yellow Belly and a bunch more. Strap on the 4000 and toss a metal slice at the like of Tailor, Aussie Salmon or Bonito for the adrenalin feel of true sports fish. Ideal for casting flesh baits and lures, the Shimano Catana FD Spin Reel for sale now is an inspirational…

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  • Shimano Nasci Reel


    Shimano Nasci Reel

    …principle applies for the 3000 as it does for 2500 in terms of our rod recommendations and fishing styles. Shimano Nasci 4000 Reel The Shimano Nasci 4000 sized reel makes such a versatile sized spinning reel. You can do so much with this size. From light surf fishing for whiting and dart to light…

  • Shimano Stradic CI4 Reel


    Shimano Stradic CI4 Reel

    …sits the CI4 1000 reel, a dedicated finesse fishing reel for ultralight fishing styles. Typically angling styles include fishing within confines of inshore freshwater and saltwater for bream, bass, trout, whiting and other light class fish species. Being a finesse fishing reel, many anglers here in…

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  • Daiwa Exist Fishing Reel

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Exist Fishing Reel

    …an Exist fishing reel is situations such as angling in estuary systems or lakes for all the common fish species such as Bream and flathead for example or you might fish in further upstream for Australian bass. The smaller Daiwa Exist fishing reels will also be fine for chasing trout in streams,…

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  • Daiwa Kix Reel

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Kix Reel

    …with us here at the fishing tackle shop. Daiwa Kix Reel Buying Guide Small Sizes Daiwa Kix 2000 and 2500 are ideal for all of your inshore finesse fishing, salt and fresh. Tackle everything from bream and bass to trout, flathead and whiting and more, with the lightest rigs in your arsenal. With…

  • Daiwa Freams LT Reel

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Freams LT Reel

    …bass, trout, perch, whiting and other light classification fish species. Medium Sizes- Next up in size is the 3000, 4000 or 5000 sizes. The 3000 makes an ideal reel for lake and river fishing styles where you need to fish slightly heavier. It’s a size that is ideal for targeting mangrove jack,…

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  • Penn Wrath Reel


    Penn Wrath Reel

    …large. Small Size Class Models: In the wrath fishing reel series, we sell two models that we classify as little. For inshore river, lake and other light styles of fishing the 2500 or 3000 sizes present as the ideal option. Perfect for whiting, bream, bass, flathead, trout, perch and many other…

  • Shimano Forcemaster Electric Reel


    Shimano Forcemaster Electric Reel

    …rig is all the time. While the Shimano Forcemaster electric Reel for sale now attracts a bigger price tag than your average reel, you’ll forget all about the initial outlay when your live wells are full of delicious white, firm flesh fish that are always found way down in the water column.…

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  • Daiwa Tatula CT Reel

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Tatula CT Reel

    …Type R 7.3:1 Fastest 77cm Tatula 100HSL (Left Hand) CT 7.3:1 Fastest 77cm Daiwa Tatula CT Baitaster Reel buyer guide Ideal for freshwater or saltwater to target species such as bream, flathead, whiting, yellowbelly and other perch, Mangrove jack, sooty grunter, saratoga, Australian bass and trout.…

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