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  • Shimano Ultegra FB Fishing Reels (Small Sizes)


    Shimano Ultegra FB Fishing Reels (Small Sizes)

    …those looking for a reel that will cover most inshore applications. The freshies will chase Bass, Trout and Yellow Belly, and the salt anglers will poke it at everything the estuaries and rivers have to offer from Whiting, Bream and flathead, with the Shimano Ultegra 3000 FB reel is very capable…

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  • Shimano Nexave Reels


    Shimano Nexave Reels

    …Price is for 1x reel only. Price varies depending on what size you choose to order. Multiple images for illustration only. Buyers Guide – Fishing Applications and rod suggestions Small Size Models (Nexave 1000, 2500 or 3000 size) The smaller reels cover you in the rivers and estuaries against…

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  • Daiwa BG Reels

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa BG Reels

    …BG Reels For Rivers and Lakes – Introduced in 2016 is a whole bunch of new sizes and the 2000, 2500 and 3000 size is going to be your classic size reel ideal for targeting a host of species in lakes and rivers from bream, whiting flathead through to trout and yellowbelly. Mid Sized BG Reels

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  • Rovex Endurance Reels


    Rovex Endurance Reels

    Reel Buyers Guide Small Size Class Rovex Endurance Reels Starting off with our smaller size class of reels is the 2000-3000 model sizes. This size range is ideal for those that fish light (up to 10lb) making it the perfect choice for lake and river fishing. You could also use this size reel for…

  • Penn Conflict II Reels


    Penn Conflict II Reels

    …Penn Conflict II Reels Buyer Guide Small Size Class Conflict II Reels We have 2 options here at Fishing Tackle Shop in the conflict small class of reels being the 2500 and 3000 size. This size class of reel is ideal mostly for inshore fishing styles such as lake and river fishing, either freshwater…

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  • Quantum Cabo Spinning Reels


    Quantum Cabo Spinning Reels

    Quantum Cabo Spinning Reels (Choose From Sizes 40 50 or 60) The medium size models in the Quantum Cabo Spinning Reel Series allows you to target some pretty hefty customers without feeling like targeting smaller species is overkill. This means you can hit the inshore grounds, targeting Bream,…

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  • Shimano Saragosa Reels


    Shimano Saragosa Reels

    …crank and huge inclusions list. The Shimano Saragosa reel boasts bucket loads of Shimano’s most unique spin reel technologies, making the Saragosa reel a formidable powerhouse designed to tackle the oceans biggest. Shimano Saragosa Reels are big yet refined. Their light weights defy their…

  • Penn Spinfisher VI Reels


    Penn Spinfisher VI Reels

    Penn Spinfisher VI Reels – Saltwater Spinning Reel The Penn Spinfisher is a legend reel with a massive dedicated fan base across the globe. Now we are at the 6th incarnation and it’s proving to every bit as good as the hype suggests. The significant additions to the new series are…

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  • Daiwa Millionaire Baitcaster Reels

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Millionaire Baitcaster Reels

    …from Australian inland creeks, rivers, dams and billabongs. Still today here at fishing tackle shop Daiwa Millionaire baitcaster reels remain our best selling round baitcaster style fishing reel bar none. We have sold more millionaires than other similar style reels In competitor brands like Abu and…

  • Penn Pursuit Reels


    Penn Pursuit Reels

    Penn Pursuit Reels Series 3 Fishing Reel The best of the best is indeed debatable, but it is fair to say that it would be impossible to find a better spin reel at this price point. The Penn Pursuit Reels for sale now should be the first choice of any angler that has the tightest of budgets yet…

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  • Okuma Ceymar Reels (Small Sizes)


    Okuma Ceymar Reels (Small Sizes)

    …The models of reels in this listing are suited mostly to light weight fishing applications such as fishing in lakes, rivers, streams and similar. Matching up a rod to either of these reels is simple simply See our guide (here)for a rundown of what we recommend for a 20 or 30 sized reel. Benefits *…

  • Okuma Ceymar Reels (Medium Sizes)


    Okuma Ceymar Reels (Medium Sizes)

    …retrieve. The Okuma Ceymar Spinning reels, sizes 40 and 55 represent outstanding affordability in the general purpose go anywhere, do anything category of reel. Slick styling coupled with reliable performance provides anglers of all skill levels a joyful spin reel experience. Effortless operation…

  • Abu Garcia Pro Max Spin Reels

    Abu Garcia

    Abu Garcia Pro Max Spin Reels

    …this approach delivers and incredibly robust reel for the price, and will stand the test of time. The Abu Garcia Pro Max Spin Reels get you out on the river, local lake, boat or rocks and beach for a very small outlay. These fishing reels are brilliantly priced for the budget minded anglers…

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  • Abu Garcia Black Max Spin Reels

    Abu Garcia

    Abu Garcia Black Max Spin Reels

    …Hit the rivers, lake, beach, boat and rocks with confidence with your new Abu Garcia Black Max Spin Reels. There’s no need to bust the bank to get strength and performance for the environments where it is needed the most. The Black Max spin fishing reel is a brilliant entry level reel, ideal…

  • Abu Garcia Abumatic Reels Closed Face

    Abu Garcia

    Abu Garcia Abumatic Reels Closed Face

    …these prices, don't stop at one, equip the family now with Abu Garcia Abumatic Reels Face Fishing Reels for sale now. Grab a ABU spincast reel now and fish easy. Features and Specifications * Closed face fishing reel * 4kg max drag * 3.6:1 gear ratio * Line capacity: 110m/4kg monofilament *…

  • Penn Slammer Reels (Black Gold) Original


    Penn Slammer Reels (Black Gold) Original

    …size to help you decide on which size Penn slammer reels to purchase. Penn Slammer 360 Spin The 360 spin is the smallest reel in the range for sale. It’s a size that is useful for heavy inshore fishing styles. Such styles include lake and river fishing for barra, queenfish, mulloway, mangrove…

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