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  • Surecatch T Bar Scales


    Surecatch T Bar Scales

    …housing and stainless spring will see your scales stand up well against the rigors of the salt water environment. The Surecatch T Bar scales are no load to carry and will enhance the enjoyment of boasting about your catch. Accurate and durable, your scales will become an important part of your kit…

  • Adrenalin Aqualand Casual Aquatic Shoes


    Adrenalin Aqualand Casual Aquatic Shoes

    …swap as they have ordered two sizes too big! Ladies, generally speaking, there are two sizes difference from men’s and woman’s size scale. So a size 10 Ladies will equal and mean you should order a size 8 from our menu. For the avoidance of any doubt, please see our handy size and inner…

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  • Fish Scaler Wooden Handle

    Fishing Gear Other

    Fish Scaler Wooden Handle

    Fish Scaler Wooden Handle Wooden Handle Fish scaler ideal for taking the scales off your catch of fish.

  • Scaler Bag Net - Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker

    Scaler Bag Net - Jarvis Walker

    …long day on the water and packing up the boat and now you have to scale fish, lots of them. Of course, you will end up with scales in your hair, all over your clothes, up your nose and places where you can’t imagine how a scale may have worked its way in. At best it’s messy, at worst…

  • Rapala Ultra Light Fat Shad Fishing Lure 4cm


    Rapala Ultra Light Fat Shad Fishing Lure 4cm

    …a tight wobbling action and will slowly sink on the pause. Rapala Fat Shad lures are available in a fantastic line up of colours and the surface scales, and 3D holographic eyes will fool even the smartest of fish. The Rapala Ultra Light Shad Fishing Lure makes a great selection from your lure box…

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  • Shimano Brag Mat


    Shimano Brag Mat

    …the fish’s skin and scales, great for those that practise or fish in catch and release tournaments! * Tips and Hints: It is best to dampen down the Shimano Brag Mat before you place the fish on the mat this helps to protect the fish’s slime coating and scales Now you can brag and skite…

  • Lucky Craft Pointer Lure

    Lucky Craft Fishing Lures

    Lucky Craft Pointer Lure

    …to anything with fins and scales. Beautifully designed and constructed, the attention to detail provides a hint of the potency you can expect from these northern masters. The 3D eyes add a great touch of realism to the pointer lure but it is in the realistic scales where you can see the serious…

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  • Rapala Twitchin Mullet Lure


    Rapala Twitchin Mullet Lure

    …the north to large Flathead and mulloway in the South. Aggressive fresh dwellers like Murray Cod would also like a taste. Essentially, if it has scales, it’s going to find the Rapala Twitchin Mullet Lure completely irresistible, and so will you. Grab a bunch of colours now so you can get out…

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  • AFN Barra Tactics DVD


    AFN Barra Tactics DVD

    …most common characteristics of this fish are the elongated body, oblique mouth and a long upper jaw, which extends beyond the eye. With its large scales that become light or dark with changes in the environment, barra can be as long as 6 ft and weigh as much as 60 kg. The average length of this fish…

  • Halco - RMG Poltergeist Fishing Lure 50mm

    Halco Lures and Fishing Tackle

    Halco - RMG Poltergeist Fishing Lure 50mm

    …expect from the fishing lure giants Halco tackle a world-renowned trusted and respected lure manufacturer. With the RMG Poltergeist Fishing lure the scales are tipped in your favour so add some to your cart and enjoy the success this lure is famous for! Note: RMG Poltergeist fishing lure is rigged…

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  • Rapla Xrap Prop Fishing Lure (Fizzer)


    Rapla Xrap Prop Fishing Lure (Fizzer)

    …Fishing Lure’s tail drop down during pauses allowing a better hook up for when the fish strike on the pause. The famous X Rap laser etched scales and holographic foil creates an impressive and highly seductive flash for an even more lifelike appearance. * The Rapala x Rap Prop Fishing Lure…

  • AFN Deck Boots - Muddies


    AFN Deck Boots - Muddies

    …boatloads of successful anglers descend on the cleaning tables, you can stand gut and fillet, shore footed, protected and comfortable as the slimy scales and fish innards start to fly. Remember, standing at the cleaning tables is a good thing; it means you have cleaned up and bagged out on the…

  • Rapala Floating Fish Gripper


    Rapala Floating Fish Gripper

    …The more you handle a landed fish destined for release, the more you jeopardise its chances of a quick recovery and survival. The slime and scales of a fish are its protection from disease and parasites. When you handle a fish, this protection is reduced and the released fish stands a greater…

  • River 2 Sea Spittin Wa Frog Lure

    River 2 Sea

    River 2 Sea Spittin Wa Frog Lure

    …created equal however, and if you want to hit the top water with a frog lure that’s going to translate to more fish, more often that bust the scales and top the tape measures you need to get your hands on a River 2 Sea Spittin Wa. The frog profile is clearly apparent and the colours are just…

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  • Shimano Sublimation Shirts


    Shimano Sublimation Shirts

    …still wearing your craggy old clothes out on your fishing expeditions? Of course, you want to wear something that can handle the sweat, blood, scales and everything else you encounter wetting a line, without wrecking good clothing. Well, in case you have been asleep, Shimano – G loomis have…

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  • Z Man Jerk Shadz 5 inch Soft Lures


    Z Man Jerk Shadz 5 inch Soft Lures

    …however that you can avoid if you adjust your thinking a little. Instead of ganghooks and pillies, rig up a Zman Jerk Shad 5 inch and watch the scales fly as you tear into a ravenous school of green backs and Aussie Salmon. The benefits of using your Zman Jerk Shad 5 inch are clear. Firstly, you…

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