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  • Shimano Telescopic Fishing Rod


    Shimano Telescopic Fishing Rod

    …The best telescopic fishing rods for targeting bream, trout, perch, flathead, whiting and other light classes of fish inshore (within a lake or river system) are our 6ft, 6ft 6 inch or 7ft Shimano Telescopic rods for sale. Either three models are light class rods suited for 2-4kg to 3-5kg fishing…

  • Shimano Taipan Rod


    Shimano Taipan Rod

    …and Light Fishing Rods The 602SP will be a perfect selection for the lakes and rivers, hunting everything from Flathead, Whiting, and Bream in the saltwater, to trout and Bass in the fresh. The 602MSP and the 682SP are ideal for larger species in the inshore saltwater. The Shimano Taipan Light-Med…

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  • Shimano Maikuro Rods


    Shimano Maikuro Rods

    …Well, Shimano has solved this problem with a range of Maikuro travel rods for sale. First, we have the 703LSP which is the ideal companion for the angler about to embark on a holiday where rivers and lakes are local. The 703LSP is a light spin travel rod rated 2-4kg for targeting the likes of trout,

  • Shimano Koebi Chan Rod / Sienna 2500 Reel Combo


    Shimano Koebi Chan Rod / Sienna 2500 Reel Combo

    …consisting of a 7ft 2 piece Shimano Koebi Chan Fishing Rod which is graphite and rated 2-4kg and a Shimano Sienna 2500 Reel. Combining both of these two items together allows you to purchase an excellent fishing combo for tackling the likes of Australian bass, trout and perch in the freshwater and…

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  • Shimano Revolution Rods


    Shimano Revolution Rods

    …range of Shimano Revolution Travel Rods. There are a few rods in this field, and all you need to do is pick the one that best suits your application, add it to your shopping cart and proceed to purchase. Travel Model 763 SPH Travel - is a heavy spin rod suitable for targeting emperor, coral trout,

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  • Shimano Raider Rods


    Shimano Raider Rods

    …4000-5000 Spin Shimano Raider Rods Buying Guide Shimano Raider Fishing Rods is a wide-spanning series of graphite rods that encompasses several ranges. You can find a rod for catching the likes of bream, flathead, trout, whiting and bass and more, while the heavier Shimano rods will be great for…

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  • Shimano Zodias JDM Fishing Rods


    Shimano Zodias JDM Fishing Rods

    …* Light 1-3kg Rated * 1pc rod blank * Approx lure cast weight 3-10 grams * Ideal For freshwater or saltwater fishing for bream, trout, whiting and other light fish species. Our recommendation for Reel Size to suit the Shimano Zodias 268L Rod is a 1000 sized shimano spinning reel. ZOD268ML *…

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  • Shimano Telescopic Rod Reel Combo


    Shimano Telescopic Rod Reel Combo

    …our Shimano Telescopic Rod Reel Combo for sale. Shimano Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos have almost everything you need to catch a fish. Just add water – well that, and some hooks, a couple of sinkers or a lure or two; then you're ready to go. The Shimano Eclipse telescopic fishing rod

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  • Shimano Catana Fishing Rods


    Shimano Catana Fishing Rods

    …sized Shimano spinning reel for best performance and balance. This rod is ideal for light surf and also river and lake fishing where a longer rod may be required. Catana Egi Squid Rod Models Whether you collect squid for bait or for the table, a Shimano Catana EGI Rod Squid Rod will definitely…

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  • Shimano Catana 702 Estuary Fishing Rod with Sienna 2500 Fishing Reel


    Shimano Catana 702 Estuary Fishing Rod with Sienna 2500 Fishing Reel

    Shimano Sienna 2500 fishing reel with a Shimano Catana 702 fishing rod Combo - NEW MODEL Perfect light weight combo for fresh and saltwater river and lake fishing. Think flathead, bream, whiting, trout and other light class fish. The Shimano Catana 702 Rod with new Sienna 2500 reel combines…

  • Shimano Nasci Reel


    Shimano Nasci Reel

    …graphite rods up to 7ft in length rated anywhere from 1-4kg. A Nasci 1000 Reel will cover all of your freshwater fishing applications like Bass and Trout but provide a brilliant feel for casting light soft plastics at the racks for Bream or the weed beds for Flathead in the saltwater scene. Shimano

  • Shimano Stradic FL Reel


    Shimano Stradic FL Reel

    …also doing the same for trout, bass and whiting anglers. If you fish ultra-light within river and lake systems, the Stradic 1000 FL makes an excellent choice, especially when paired to graphite rods 6ft to 7ft 6 inches in length with appraised ratings between 1-4kg. Shimano Stradic 2500 FL –…

  • Shimano Stradic CI4 Reel


    Shimano Stradic CI4 Reel

    …advice on ideal rod choice. Shimano Stradic Ci4 1000 At the beginning of the range sits the CI4 1000 reel, a dedicated finesse fishing reel for ultralight fishing styles. Typically angling styles include fishing within confines of inshore freshwater and saltwater for bream, bass, trout, whiting and…

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  • Shimano Catana Reel


    Shimano Catana Reel

    …go with a graphite fishing rod around 7ft in length with a rating 4-10kg or thereabouts. There are a few barra and snapper rods in this spec. If you’re fishing light off the surf a 9ft-10ft 6 inch shimano shore spin or Coastline rod is ideal. Benefits * The Shimano Catana Reel FD model allows…

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  • Shimano Speedmaster Lever Drag Reel


    Shimano Speedmaster Lever Drag Reel

    …boat rods will length between 5ft-7ft. Should you need assistance in picking the right boat rod, feel welcome to contact us. With a max drag of 18kg, Shimano Speedmaster LD reels are suitable for a targeting a wide range of saltwater offshore fish species. From snapper, morwong and coral trout on…

  • Shimano Sedona Reel FI Model


    Shimano Sedona Reel FI Model

    …– 2500 or 3000) Shimano Sedona 1000 FI Reels are great little reels for freshwater and light saltwater fishing, ideal for targeting anything from bream, to whiting, trout and bass. We suggest matching with a graphite fishing rod with a line rating around the 1-4kg mark. Shimano Sedona 2000 or…

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