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  • Ball Sinkers (Packet)

    Jarvis Walker

    Ball Sinkers (Packet)

    Ball Sinkers For Sale - Fishing Sinker Aptly named after its shape, the ball sinker is arguably the most popular style sinkers used by recreational anglers. Specially designed for running sinker rigs, the ball sinker provides you with added mobility and flexibility for a rich fishing experience.…

  • Juro Dial Pack Assorted Split Shot Sinkers


    Juro Dial Pack Assorted Split Shot Sinkers

    …and again. Features and Specifications * Soft split shot * Sinkers contained in a fantastic easy to use divided container * Sinker sizes: 8, 6, 4, 2, BB, SSG & AAA Benefits * You have a perfect selection of easy to attach sinkers to fine tune your rig. * Ideal for the float angler, particularly…

  • Snapper Sinkers Value Pack

    Fishing Gear Other

    Snapper Sinkers Value Pack

    sinkers are elongated almost bullet shaped with a fixed point to tie the main line to. The shape allows the sinker can drop right down without causing any sort of flutter, cutting through the water without spinning. Making it an excellent sinker for dropper rigs. The design of the snapper sinker is…

  • Standard - Mixed Fishing Tackle Value Pack (Medium)

    Fishing Gear Other

    Standard - Mixed Fishing Tackle Value Pack (Medium)

    …traces and sinkers add further to your tackle collection. * There are 15 packs of fishing hooks and 15 packs of swivels to generally last you through several fishing trips. These mixed fishing tackle packs are ideal for anglers uncertain of the particular types of lures, traces, sinkers, hooks, and…

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  • Black Magic Flasher Rigs

    Black Magic Tackle

    Black Magic Flasher Rigs

    …time. If you choose to use the Black Magic Flasher Rigs from the beach, we suggest using them with Star sinkers to give you maximum grip in the sand. The extra grip provided by the star sinker assist in holding your rig firm with the added benefit of a reduction in chance of tangle. Off the beach,…

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  • Black Magic Whiting Whacker Pre Tied Rigs

    Black Magic Tackle

    Black Magic Whiting Whacker Pre Tied Rigs

    Black Magic Whiting Whacker Rigs (suits running sinkers) As far as fishing rigs go there is probably none more used and none more recognisable than the simple running sinker rig. You know the one. A swivel connects to the mainline holding a sinker. Underneath, you have a trace, or leader as it is…

  • Wire deep sea fishing rig - Reef Rig

    Jarvis Walker

    Wire deep sea fishing rig - Reef Rig

    …so all you need to do is clip in your hooks and at the bottom of the wire deep sea rig is a large sinker clip that will suit most snapper sinker sizes and will also work with bomb style or star sinkers. If you are after an easy way to fish the reefs from a boat (or even from the surf) then this rig…

  • Star Sinkers Packet

    Jarvis Walker

    Star Sinkers Packet

    Star Sinkers For Sale The star sinker is an integral part of every serious surf anglers kit. It’s shape and weight serves an important role that ultimately will assist you in catching more fish. Don’t listen to those who tell you lead is lead, nothing could be further from the truth.…

  • Jarvis Walker Breakaway Sinkers Grapnel

    Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker Breakaway Sinkers Grapnel

    Jarvis Walker Breakaway Sinkers (Grapnel Sinker) Looking something like an obscure torcher device, Jarvis Walker Breakaway Sinkers for sale now, are a Grapple sinker style favoured by surf anglers and those that fish the rocks. The streamline shape provides a good cast but its main feature are the…

  • Bean Fishing Sinkers (Packet)

    Jarvis Walker

    Bean Fishing Sinkers (Packet)

    Bean Sinkers For Sale - Bean Sinker Named after its shape, the bean sinker is one of the most popular sinkers used by recreational anglers. One of the best upsides of using a bean sinker as you sinker for choice is that it doesn’t have a fixed point where the sinker would be attached. Rather,…

  • Jarvis Walker Tackle Kits (Species Pack)

    Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker Tackle Kits (Species Pack)

    …68507 – Contains * 3x #1 Ball sinkers * 3x #2 Ball sinkers * 15x #6 Brass barrel swivels * 25x #1 Long shank hooks * 25x #2 Long shank hooks * 1x Small tackle tray Option 2: Small Bream Pack Model 68505 – Contains * 3x #1 Ball Sinkers * 3x #2 Ball sinkers * 15x #6 Brass barrel swivels *…

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  • Jarvis Walker Barrel Sinkers

    Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker Barrel Sinkers

    …Walker Barrel Sinkers - Packet A sinker is a heck of a lot more than a lump of led you tie to your line to sink your bait. There are different shapes and styles for a reason. A little sinker knowledge and consideration can have a big impact on your fishing. Ultimately, knowing what sinker where and…

  • Gillies Combo Sinker Mould


    Gillies Combo Sinker Mould

    Gillies Combo Sinker Moulds (Ball Sinker combo mould or Bean Sinker Combo Mould) It’s time to make your grandfather proud and start making your own sinkers. The tools required are minimal and over time you can end up saving a heap of cash. The other benefit is that you will have the…

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  • Seahorse Ball Sinker Moulds


    Seahorse Ball Sinker Moulds

    …Seahorse sinker moulds are made durable Note: Images for illustration purpose only - sizes of images are not to scale. Size/sinkers per mould * Size 0 = 10 sinkers * Size 1 = 9 sinkers * Size 2 = 8 Sinkers * Size 3 = 8 Sinkers * Size 4 = 7 Sinkers * Size 5 = 6 Sinkers * Size 6 = 6 Sinkers * Size 7 =…

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  • Snapper Sinker Mould Combo


    Snapper Sinker Mould Combo

    …Large Snapper Sinker Mould This particular model of snapper sinker mould is what you require to produce heavier snapper sinkers. Each pour will create two 4oz, two 8oz, and one 12oz sinker. Small Snapper Sinker Mould The small mould will yield two 1oz, two 2oz, and one 3oz sinker with every pour.…

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  • Gillies Star Sinker Mould


    Gillies Star Sinker Mould

    Sinker Mould Why buy your sinkers when you can make them yourself. No doubt many of us have come across sinker moulds and an old rusted ladle as we’ve been searching through our grandfathers shed. Your pop was frugal, as well has handy, and he believed there was no good reason to buy a sinker

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