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  • AFN Advanced Snapper Tactics Fishing DVD


    AFN Advanced Snapper Tactics Fishing DVD

    …for either catching your first big red or, landing even bigger Snapper and bagging out. The AFN Advanced Snapper Tactics Fishing DVD addresses everything you need to know from ideal kit and rigs, to fishing Snapper with lures, both hard body and soft plastics. There’s plenty for the flesh…

  • Samaki Vibelicious Lures


    Samaki Vibelicious Lures

    Samaki vibelicious Lures – Soft Plastic Vibe Lure We all know the potency of the vibe fishing lure. Sometimes it’s all a fish will take. Often after a day on the water throwing everything at whatever for nothing, a change to a soft plastic vibe can reap astonishing results. We also know…

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  • Zerek Fish Trap Lures


    Zerek Fish Trap Lures

    Zerek Fish Trap Lures Curl Tail Vibe Fishing Lure If you were given the option of having only one lure type in your kit, the Zerek Fish Trap Lures for sale now would have to be in the final selection cut. They’re the epitome of versatility, with an exceptional lipless crankbait design, build…

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  • Mason Single Strand Wire Chrome Nickel Alloy

    Fishing Gear Other

    Mason Single Strand Wire Chrome Nickel Alloy

    …Strand Wire Chrome Nickel Alloy After 4 passes over your favourite reef you've been bitten off three times. You've lost some seriously expensive lures, and now some poor fish have got a mouth full of trebles; A situation that really should be avoided. Now you realise that there's Spaniards, Wahoo…

  • Spanyid Raider Lures Metal Spinning Lure


    Spanyid Raider Lures Metal Spinning Lure

    …certain species of tuna Raider Lures are positioned to hold up a lot longer compared to other types of fishing lures on the market such as hardbody lures or dare I say soft plastics! Tailor and other saltwater choppers are the biggest enemy of any soft plastic lure fisherman. In terms of sizes we…

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  • ZMan Minnowz Lures


    ZMan Minnowz Lures

    …Minnowz Lures soft plastic (Packet of 6 lures) – 3 Inch Size Just about every angler is looking for value for money with a packet of plastics. Getting value for money is wrapped up in durability. It’s a simple equation really, the more casts and fish you can get with the one lure the…

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  • Black Magic Snapper Snack Rig

    Black Magic Tackle

    Black Magic Snapper Snack Rig

    …the lures, black Magic recommends putting a strip of squid, or other strip bait, on each of the hooks. The UV skirts create a natural visual stimulant, with the strip baits enhancing the action of the lure. The strip bait also excites the fish via its scent. While you can use the Black Magic Snapper

  • Snapper Fishing Rod & Reel Combo - Shakespeare Wild Series


    Snapper Fishing Rod & Reel Combo - Shakespeare Wild Series

    …the beaches, the Snapper is known as a reef dweller best accessed from you boat. The Shakespeare Wild Series Snapper Combo has been designed for just that purpose, taking reef dwelling Snapper from your boat. With a 4 to 7kg rating, you have the option of fishing baits or lures. Max up the rating…

  • Jackall Transam Lures

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall Transam Lures

    …has seen Jew enthusiasts add the Jackall Transam Lures to the top shelf of their Jew kit. It has claimed some enormous Mulloway, and so long as you fish intelligently, your Transam Lures will do the same for you. With Barra and Mulloway a given, Snapper anglers should also grab hold of a selection.…

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  • Cranka Crab Lures

    Cranka Lures

    Cranka Crab Lures

    …Crab lure, you can leave the real crabs in their natural environment to uphold their part in the natural ecosystem. * The colour range allows you to match your lure colours to the crab colours of the area you are fishing. Just pick your preferred option from our range of Cranka crab lures for sale.…

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  • Berkley Gulp Shrimp Lures


    Berkley Gulp Shrimp Lures

    Berkley Gulp Shrimp Lures – 2 inch or 3 inch The Berkley Gulp Shrimp is a soft bait fishing lure is a style of lure that resembles a shrimp or prawn so well fish cannot resist having a bite! The Berkley Gulp Shrimp has all the advantages of soft plastic fishing lures and live bait wrapped up…

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  • Keitech Easy Shiner Lures


    Keitech Easy Shiner Lures

    …your lure kit, the versatility, performance and proven results of the Keitech Lures Easy Shiner would make it a standout in a highly competitive market. Buy a selection of sizes and colours and stock up now. Benefits * Easy Shiner Lures are a highly versatile soft plastic fishing lure with…

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  • Silstar Slapstix Lures


    Silstar Slapstix Lures

    Silstar Slapstix Lures – Soft Plastic Stickbait The Silstar Slapstix soft plastic fishing lures are an exciting soft plastic designed to use on both bottom-dwelling reef species and fast-moving surface pelagics. They’re an ideal lure for anglers working rocky washes or for bouncing along…

  • Gulp Jigging Shrimp Lures


    Gulp Jigging Shrimp Lures

    …your Estuary target, the Gulp Jigging Shrimp Lures will spin up a storm from the entrance to the brackish water. When you get far upstream and the salt all but disappears, don’t be surprised to see an Australian Bass aggressively monster your lure. Fish with braid to maximise performance and…

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  • Keitech Crazy Flapper Lures


    Keitech Crazy Flapper Lures

    …into solid hook-ups. While a special in the fresh stuff, the versatility and sheer attraction power of the Keitech Crazy flapper lures make it a fantastic saltwater lure. If you’re an angler that frequents the salt and the fresh water, you’re crazy if you don’t have a selection of…

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  • Mikado Flying Fishunter Lures

    Fishing Gear Other

    Mikado Flying Fishunter Lures

    …which provide the lure with an aggressive fish attracting tail action. The wings are a 2 conjoined grub tail lures which when combined with the body create a profile and action that can only be described as going to be deadly on species here in Australia such as Barramundi, Snapper, Murray Cod and…

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Related Categories: Squidgy | Salmon Lures
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