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  • Mikado Flying Fishunter Lures

    Fishing Gear Other

    Mikado Flying Fishunter Lures

    Mikado Flying Fishunter Lures It’s a bird, It’s a plane… No it’s an amazing and quite unique new soft plastic lure and it has hit Australian shores. From the makers of Mikado Fishing Tackle comes the revolutionary Flying Fishunter Lure. Starting off with the body, it’s…

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  • Zman Streakz Curly Tailz


    Zman Streakz Curly Tailz

    …curly tailz Soft Plastic fishing lure (packet of 5) Don’t let anybody tell you that 4 inches is too big a lure for Bream. Cast a few at the snags and you’ll see those large bream that are lurking fallen trees and structure devour this total gem of a lure. They are so soft, the tail so…

  • Marukyu Crab Fishing Lures

    Fishing Gear Other

    Marukyu Crab Fishing Lures

    Marukyu Crabs Pack of Fishing Lures It stands to reason that after one success you will be hell bent on creating another. Marukyu enjoyed great results with the release of the Isome Worms. The next chapter in the Marukyu lure story are the Marukyu Crab Lures. Available in packs of 8 or 10 depending…

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  • Squidgies Bio Tough Wriggler Lures


    Squidgies Bio Tough Wriggler Lures

    …ordinary plastics. The Squidgy Bio Tough Wriggler featured here is just one style in the new lure series. It’s part of the Bio Tough range, and they are set to revolutionise the way we view and use soft plastics. The reviews from the experts are telling us that these soft plastic fishing lures…

  • Chasebaits Flick Prawn Lure


    Chasebaits Flick Prawn Lure

    …Size Options: 95mm, Hook size: 3/0, 4.0 grams OR 125mm, 7/0 hook, 8.0 grams * Rigged with hook and weight ready to fish. * Material: 10X Tough soft Plastic construction * Retrieve: Slow roll / Twitch * Weedless design * Ideal for targeting a wide range of fish species from big bream in oyster racks,…

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  • Chasebaits Live Whiting Lure


    Chasebaits Live Whiting Lure

    …sure path to non-stop action. Features and Specifications * Model: Chasebaits Live Whiting Lure * Profile: Whiting * Length: 95 mm * Materials: Soft plastic lure * Weight: 13 grams * Hooks: Single through dorsal fin and underbelly treble * Retrieve: Slow retrieve, twitch, erratic retrieve * Feature:…

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  • Zerek Cavalla Lures Long Cast Minnow


    Zerek Cavalla Lures Long Cast Minnow

    …types of fish any day of the week needs a lure collection that suits this default setting of targeting anything that swims. From poppers to soft plastics, diversity is key and this is where Zerek Cavalla Lures come into their own. The unique design provides a minnow profile that swims like a minnow…

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  • Berkley Power Bait Minnows 3 Inch Fishing Lures


    Berkley Power Bait Minnows 3 Inch Fishing Lures

    …Berkley Power Bait Minnow 3 inch Fishing Lures are one of the original soft plastic lure designs produced by Berkley Lures. Berkley Power bait 3 inch Minnow have been around for years and have proven to be a successful soft plastic fishing lure in both saltwater and freshwater situations whether…

  • Berkley Powerbait Dropshot Minnow Lures


    Berkley Powerbait Dropshot Minnow Lures

    …holographic insert that flashes in the way a feeing bait fish does, and you have one killer of a soft plastic fishing lure for lakes and river fishing. If that wasn’t enough, each soft plastic is infused with the famous Powerbait scent, turning this great looking Dropshot Minnow totally…

  • TT Headlockz Jig Heads

    TT Lures

    TT Headlockz Jig Heads

    …Specifications * Model TT Headlockz Jig Heads * Incredibly strong * Designed with split grub keeper * Ideal for locking on soft plastics – Especially Zman Soft Plastic Lures * Mustad Ultra-point chemically sharpened hooks Packet Sizes * 6pcs in sizes 1/12oz or 1/8oz * 5pcs in sizes 1/6oz or…

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  • Chasebaits Rip Snorter Lure


    Chasebaits Rip Snorter Lure

    …a vibe, and more than likely have it come out again, is by rigging a Chasebaits Rip Snorter soft vibe, for sale now. Features and Specifications * Type: Soft Vibe * Construction: 10X Strength soft plastic * Tow Points: 2 * Length: 90mm * Weight: 15gm * Hook: Unique Interchangeable SNAPLOCK Weedless…

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  • Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lures


    Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lures

    …now and put them in your trolley. Your soft plastics arsenal will be left wanting unless you have a range of Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lure colours and sizes to deploy wherever you decide to wet a line. Features and Specifications * Type: Soft plastic * Scent: Squid * Depths: All * Tail: Paddle…

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  • Berkley Gulp Shrimp Lures


    Berkley Gulp Shrimp Lures

    …Lures – 2 inch or 3 inch The Berkley Gulp Shrimp is a soft bait fishing lure is a style of lure that resembles a shrimp or prawn so well fish cannot resist having a bite! The Berkley Gulp Shrimp has all the advantages of soft plastic fishing lures and live bait wrapped up in one revolutionary…

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  • Mikado Tsubame Soft Plastic Lures

    Fishing Gear Other

    Mikado Tsubame Soft Plastic Lures

    …those that target, salmon, kingfish, mulloway, barramundi and the likes. Mikado Tsubame Lures are a forked tail soft plastic fishing lure that unlike most conventional soft plastics the Tsubame lure has a holographic belly made from durable mylar like cord with the biggest benefit here being that…

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  • Keitech Easy Shiner Lures


    Keitech Easy Shiner Lures

    …feature is combined with the salted plastics that are employed to ensure perfect balance. The result is a lure that can be rigged in several patterns and can operate at consistent peak action at any depth or speed. Features and Specifications * Type: Soft plastic * Profile: Shad * Sizes: 2, 4 ,5 or…

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  • Berkley Powerbait Giant Ripple Shad Lure


    Berkley Powerbait Giant Ripple Shad Lure

    …Powerbait impregnation assists you catch more fish more often. The Berkley Powerbait Giant Ripple Shad Lure is a must have for the angler that uses soft baits to chase a larger class of fish from a diverse range of waters and varying conditions. Brilliantly priced, you can grab one or stock up on a…

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