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  • Live Target Frog Lure 45mm

    Live Target

    Live Target Frog Lure 45mm

    …Belly, Sooties, and Murray Cod you really have to check out the Live Target 45mm frog lures. Using a frog lure is a sure fire way to increase the interest from the ever elusive trophy fish. They are a top water lure which by default makes them and incredibly exciting lure to use. All abovementioned…

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  • Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider Lure


    Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider Lure

    …Phantom Spider Lure. If you chase bass, sooties, cod, perch or saratoga, you’re going to have to have a selection of Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider Lures in your kit. Get a Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider Lure in your lure stash now, and experience the joys of fishing with award-winning lures. Features…

  • Atomic Slappa Cod Lure

    Atomic Lures

    Atomic Slappa Cod Lure

    Cod LureSurface Fishing Lures It’s tough to pick a lure when you’re casting widely for different species in the rivers, lakes and dams. When you want to land a prize perch without excluding the chance of nailing a Murray cod on the same rig, you need an Atomic Slappa Cod Lure,

  • Chasebaits Drunken Mullet Lure


    Chasebaits Drunken Mullet Lure

    …While we’re talking iconic Aussie fish, the Chasebaits Drunken Mullet Lure will be brilliant up against big Murray Cod. All Cod anglers are aware of the revelation swimbaits have been for hunting big Murray Cod. The Drunken Mullet delivers a multifaceted action, creating various and variable…

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  • Jackall Pompadour Lure

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall Pompadour Lure

    …Grunter, Super size Bass and Murray Cod. They will perform exceptionally well on medium action gear and expect them to be your go-to lure for fishing the evenings and low light. The Jackall Pompadour is a must have surface lure for your next fishing adventure. Pompadour lures are for sale now and…

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  • Chasebaits Frill Seeker Lure Lizard


    Chasebaits Frill Seeker Lure Lizard

    …for Murray Cod, lure strength and endurance will be the critical feature of your success. Fish the surface with a slow twitch or increase the speed to get your Chasebaits Frill Seeker Lure Lizard as deep as a foot. Quality construction and components are a feature of all Chasebaits lures and the…

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  • Warlock Cod Hopper Surface Lure


    Warlock Cod Hopper Surface Lure

    …Warlock Cod Hopper Lure is definitely a Murray Cod and Barra specialist. Tossing lures on the surface for Barra has been popular for quite some time, and now the trend has really taken off fishing for the Murray Cod. The Warlock Cod Hopper Lure is fast becoming a go-to weapon for the Murray Cod. If…

  • Kingfisher Mantis Lures

    Kingfisher Lures

    Kingfisher Mantis Lures

    …the longevity of your lure. * Noisy lure action for better fish attraction. * Action emitted represents natural food source for Cod and Barramundi. If you are looking for one of the best murray cod surface lures or barra lure then make sure you consider Kingfisher mantis lures. For Sale now and we…

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  • Bassday Sugapen Fishing Lures


    Bassday Sugapen Fishing Lures

    …species. With the Bassday Sugapen Lures unique cup face irresistible colours, life like eyes and quality hooks and Split rings you’re in for some serious action! Features and Specifications * Surface Lure - Floating * Among our best-selling surface lures for over a decade * Suitable for…

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  • Predatek Jabberwok Lure


    Predatek Jabberwok Lure

    …versatile surface fishing lures for massive Murray Cod. It’s a special for dams, rivers and creeks, and at 130mm (bib in place), it is perfect for a broard class of fish size. The detachable, interchangeable bib is huge, and is responsible for its amazing Aussie crawl action. The Lure comes…

  • River 2 sea Step Wa Frog - surface fishing lure

    River 2 Sea

    River 2 sea Step Wa Frog - surface fishing lure

    …Saratoga, Murray Cod and various Perch species. So if you’re fishing weed beds or timber or even open water the River 2 Sea Step Wa is ready for action! For some super exciting fishing try using the River 2 Sea Step Wa Fishing Lure during the night for some heart stoping surface explosions…

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  • Daiwa TD Black Fishing Rods

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa TD Black Fishing Rods

    …yellowbelly small cod and barra. The Beefstik Model however is for those anglers dedicated to chasing the bigs ones! (murray cod and barra of all sizes) Beefstik can also be also be used for light offshore fishing too on shallow reefs or for cranking lures across the surface. Daiwa TD Black Travel…

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  • Shimano Revolution Rods


    Shimano Revolution Rods

    …in brute power. Ergonomic Shimano butts with custom EVA grips deliver a connected feel, ensuring you remain in touch with every movement your lure, bait or hook-up makes. There’s a Shimano Revolution Rod in this list designed especially for you. Do yourself a favour and purchase a selection…

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  • Zerek Fish Trap Lures


    Zerek Fish Trap Lures

    lure perfect for targeting the toughest of fish. It’s difficult to isolate a particular species to target. Everything you can imagine will have an almighty chew on your Zerek Fish Trap Lures. Fresh or saltwater, it doesn’t matter. Tackle massive Barra from every location. Murray cod will…

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  • Lunkerhunt Prop Frog Lure


    Lunkerhunt Prop Frog Lure

    …Prop Frog lure for sale now has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. With a massive selection of frog lures gracing the lure shelves, the Lunkerhunt Prop Frog Lure has put up its flipper as a class above the rest in performance and versatility. Anglers who include Bass, Cod, Saratoga, and…

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  • Daiwa Live Trout Swimbait Lure

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Live Trout Swimbait Lure

    …Weight: 90 grams * Depth: Sub surface to 5 metres Ideal for big yellowbelly and murray cod, perfect for barramundi and also for super-sized impoundment trout. 250mm Size * Length: 25cm * Weight: 230 grams * Depth: Sub surface to 10 metres Ideal for barramundi, murray cod and big jewfish. Benefits *…

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