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  • TD Daiwa Sol Rod

    Daiwa Fishing

    TD Daiwa Sol Rod

    …Overhead 76XH-SB Swimbait 1 1/2 7ft 6 icnch Extra Heavy 8-12 inch swimbaits 15 - 24 kg Baitcaster Overhead Daiwa Sol Rod Buyers Guide As you may have noticed there are several rods in the Daiwa Sol Fishing Rod range for sale and as we mentioned earlier, the price is just for 1 rod only. So, now you…

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  • Shimano Jewel Fishing Rods


    Shimano Jewel Fishing Rods

    …have rods available for tacking snapper or barra, rods for offshore jigging, rods for top water and we even have an overhead swimbait rod which will take a large baitcaster reel such as the tranx for targeting murray cod on big lures. You can find more out about each of the Shimano Jewel rods we…

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  • Daiwa Tatula Rod - Baitcaster

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Tatula Rod - Baitcaster

    …eliminates twist. The Daiwa Tatula rod range is for sale online at the fishing tackle shop. Our prices are sharp. For the highest fishing performance in a rod that may outlive you, the Daiwa Tatula rod is a must-have – especially for fans of huge swimbaits. Features and Specifications…

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  • Abu Garcia Veritas Rods

    Abu Garcia

    Abu Garcia Veritas Rods

    …to various swimbaits. Squid Egi Rod Model - For Squid anglers Veritas has you covered with a EGI rod in the range being the Veritas 782UL Egi Rod Ideal for squid jigs up to 4.0 size. Veritas Travel Rod Models - These take over from the older brand model "Pflueger transcendent travel rods" due to our…

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  • Shimano Tranx Reel Large Baitcaster


    Shimano Tranx Reel Large Baitcaster

    …and a whole lot more using big flesh baits, swimbaits, large spinnerbaits, light jigs, large soft plastics and medium size hard bait fishing lures. This reel suits overhead style rods for offshore boat fishing, extra heavy baitcaser rods or swimbait rods. The 300 Size is our biggest selling size for…

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  • Shimano Curado Reel - K Series


    Shimano Curado Reel - K Series

    …the 8.5:1 ratio reel the one you purchase. As far as rod choice goes, Shimano Curado reels are baitcasters so they will only suit overhead baitcaster style fishing rods. We have quite a few for sale so if you need a helping hand picking a rod to match your new Curado reel then get in touch and we…

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  • Daiwa Ryoga Reel Baitcaster

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Ryoga Reel Baitcaster

    …level the playing field. Being a baitcaster reel, they require a baitcaster fishing rod. However, with the swimbait craze for Murray Cod now in full force, they make an excellent addition to any swimbait baitcaster rod. Benefits * The obvious benefit is that you are fishing with the very best Diawa…

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  • Lake Craft Swimbaits Bora Slow Lures

    Lake Craft

    Lake Craft Swimbaits Bora Slow Lures

    …retrieve. Jerk with long pause Note: Price is for 1 Lake Craft Swimbait only. Multiple images are for reference only. Choose which colour you require when ordering. Lake Craft Swimbaits Bora Slow Lures Buyers Guide The colours of these swimbait lures appeal to both freshwater and saltwater fishing…

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  • Shimano Stella SW Reel


    Shimano Stella SW Reel

    …spec. Rod chose for the 8000SW models will ultimately depend on which applications you preference. The offshore boat angler is likely to pick a short boat or jigging rod between 5-7ft with a rating usually anywhere from 10kg through to 24kg. The shore-based spin angler will preference 8-10ft rods

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  • Squidgies Bio Tough Fish Lures


    Squidgies Bio Tough Fish Lures

    …the lure, you could use a variety of techniques though the one that has stood the test of time is to give your reel a short wind then flick your rod tip then continue by repeating that same process. There are many online videos that will assist you if you need a visual demonstration. 70mm Bio tough…

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  • Shimano Tekota Reel A Series


    Shimano Tekota Reel A Series

    …means they will require an overhead rod to match. If fishing for murray cod you’ll need a pretty heavy swimbait rod since for cod these are on the very large spectrum in terms of reel size but otherwise for offshore, your conventional saltwater offshore boat rod in around 5-7ft overhead style…

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  • Daiwa Freams LT Reel

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Freams LT Reel

    …especially for fishing soft plastics. Again, look for a rod with the same specs. Lastly you could also use a Freams 4000 or 5000 sized spinning reel for light beach or rock fishing. In this case however longer rods are better and 8 to 11ft sized rods prove to be the ideal choice. Ideal line ratings…

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  • Jackall Gantia Lure - Swimbait

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall Gantia Lure - Swimbait

    Jackall Gantia Lure – Swimbait Fishing Lures For Murray Cod Barramundi and more Swimbaits are the latest craze here in Australia for chasing Murray cod and it’s no wonder why when you see one of these lures swim. The jointed design creates an amazing life like swimming action when it is…

  • Daiwa Commander Rods

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Commander Rods

    Daiwa Commander Rods For Sale For redefined high-performance fishing check out the brand new range of Daiwa TD Commander fishing rods we now have for sale. Featuring all the best flagship Daiwa rod technologies, the new commander is the ultimate rod for the tournament angler and for the angler where…

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