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  • Crane Swivels Pack of 10

    Fishing Gear Other

    Crane Swivels Pack of 10

    Crane Swivels - Pack of 10 fishing swivels Crane Swivels are popular variation of the barrel swivels. They are popular among fishermen because of ease of use and the smoothness they bring to your fishing rig. A crane swivel takes advantage of the simple design of barrel swivel - However, what makes…

  • Shogun Crane Swivels (Bulk Pack of 50)


    Shogun Crane Swivels (Bulk Pack of 50)

    …underperforming and therefore a loss of fish. Shogun Crane swivels are a crane style swivel. They are better than a standard barrel swivel and the reason is that the internals are highly polished. This means that, even under heavy load, the swivel continues to turn freely, ensuring line twist and…

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  • Brass Barrel Swivels Value Pack (100 pieces)

    Fishing Gear Other

    Brass Barrel Swivels Value Pack (100 pieces)

    …lures, baits and hooked fish. * By using a swivel you can increase the life of your fishing line. Excessive line twist can cause countless hassle and detract from your days fishing. Don’t get yourself in a twisted mess add some Brass Barrel Swivels to your cart today. At Fishing Tackle Shop we…

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  • Crossline 3 Way Fishing Swivels (Pack of 10)

    Fishing Gear Other

    Crossline 3 Way Fishing Swivels (Pack of 10)

    …Way Fishing Swivels (Packet of 10 Swivels) The three way swivel is a great innovation in terminal fishing tackle. Not only does it offer an extra connection point to add an additional lure or line, but it has become an essential requirement for a number of different rigs. Three-way swivels have also…

  • Ball Bearing Swivels - (With Snap)

    Fishing Gear Other

    Ball Bearing Swivels - (With Snap)

    …twist. The smoother action of ball bearing swivels allows for unobstructed line movement. As a result, they can handle tremendous amount of pressure from big fish without failing because of friction. The snap that comes fitted to the ball bearing swivel is firm and secure attachment that won’t…

  • Brass Snap Swivels Value Pack (100 pieces)

    Fishing Gear Other

    Brass Snap Swivels Value Pack (100 pieces)

    …Value Pack of 100 Swivels Brass Snap Swivels, or sometimes referred to as Brass Clip Swivels is especially useful for quick changing of rigs attached to any reel. The swivels feature a safety pin-like clip to directly attach your line to rigs or lures. The beauty of the snap swivel design is that…

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  • Jarvis Walker Tackle Kits (Species Pack)

    Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker Tackle Kits (Species Pack)

    …long shank hooks #6 c/s * 1x 30cm red tube * 4x 20g rocket sinkers * 3x 40 gram rocket sinkers * 10x #10 snap swivels * 6x #8 snap swivels * 9x #6 rolling swivels * 8x #8 rolling swivels * 1x 2 tray tackle box * 2x whiting rigs Option 8: 125 Piece Large Snapper Tackle Box model 68515 –…

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  • Mustad Fastach Clip

    Mustad Hooks

    Mustad Fastach Clip

    …* Stainless Steel construction * Ideal for quick change on most lures or tackle * Mustad Fastach Clip System * Model we sell is snap only (swivel not included) Clip SizePieces in packetTest Weight (lb) Size 0 12 15 Size 1 12 25 Size 2 12 50 Size 3 12 75 Size 4 10 100 Size 5 8 150 Note:…

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  • Ball Bearing Fishing Swivels

    Fishing Gear Other

    Ball Bearing Fishing Swivels

    …Bearing Swivels are the most effective swivel to eliminate line twist and fatigue * Favoured among game fishers as an essential piece of terminal tackle when targeting marlin, tuna and sharks. Don’t leave yourself in a twist get on the ball today! Add some ball bearing swivels to your cart…

  • Wire Traces For Fishing

    Fishing Gear Other

    Wire Traces For Fishing

    …and make short work of heavy monofilament leaders. Wire trace fishing leaders are nylon coated and rigged up with a coast lock snap swivel on one end and a swivel on the opposite. Wire Trace Fishing Leader can be used in a number of situations where wire is a must have to have any chance of landing…

  • Wire deep sea fishing rig - Reef Rig

    Jarvis Walker

    Wire deep sea fishing rig - Reef Rig

    …are not really into tying knots but not only that... To use one of these deep sea wire fishing rigs all you need to do is tie one knot onto the swivel that attaches to the wire deep sea rig and from there it’s all easy. There are 2 snaps located at the end of the droppers so all you need to…

  • Tru Turn Gang Hooks


    Tru Turn Gang Hooks

    …always turn toward the point of pressure, the mouth of the fish. * The swivels assist the Tru-Turn cam action turning the hook into the mouth of the fish for an increased hook-up percentage. * The gang of three hooks with swivel spacing is a great fit commonly sold or collected Pillies and Garfish.…

  • Standard - Mixed Fishing Tackle Value Pack (Medium)

    Fishing Gear Other

    Standard - Mixed Fishing Tackle Value Pack (Medium)

    …are 15 packs of fishing hooks and 15 packs of swivels to generally last you through several fishing trips. These mixed fishing tackle packs are ideal for anglers uncertain of the particular types of lures, traces, sinkers, hooks, and swivels to acquire. Place an order today to obtain a pre-selected…

  • Bean Fishing Sinkers (Packet)

    Jarvis Walker

    Bean Fishing Sinkers (Packet)

    …the maximum use, the bean sinker is threaded on to the main line either running freely or secured between on a section of line between two swivels or rings. Features and Specifications * Bean shaped sinker * Good for casting * Advanced design for greater flexibility and stability * Doesn’t…

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  • Ningaloo Mask and Snorkel

    Land and sea

    Ningaloo Mask and Snorkel

    …the water much longer. The reinforced frame protects the lens from the inevitable encounters with ocean rocks, both in and out of the water. The swivel strap clips design sports for fine adjustment for ultimate comfort and a secure fit. The oversize lens offers an impressive viewing angle. It is…

  • Mustad Ball Bearing Swivels with Fastach Clip

    Mustad Hooks

    Mustad Ball Bearing Swivels with Fastach Clip

    …and eventually costs you more money. Buy a pack or a selection of performance Mustad Ball Bearing swivels with Fastach Clips now. Features and Specifications Mustad Fastach Clip with Ball Bearing Swivel SizeApp strain rating (lb)Qty Per Pack 0 15 8 0.1 25 8 1.2 50 8 2.3 75 7 3.4 100 7 4.5 130 6 *…

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