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  • Mustad Ball Bearing Swivels with Fastach Clip

    Mustad Hooks

    Mustad Ball Bearing Swivels with Fastach Clip

    Mustad Ball Bearing Swivels with Fastach Clip Terminal tackle is a regular purchase for all anglers, and it can get expensive. It’s important we seek out quality and value for money. Sub-standard terminal tackle is a false economy and really should be avoided. Mustad Ball Bearing swivels with…

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  • Ball Bearing Fishing Swivels

    Fishing Gear Other

    Ball Bearing Fishing Swivels

    …only and prices vary depending on size/model selected * Quantity 1x Packet of 3 swivels * Favoured among game fisherman as an essential terminal piece of terminal tackle * Uses ball bearings to eliminate friction * Can handle greater pressure and stresses * Used with heavier line classes and tackle…

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  • Waternsake Battery Accessories (choose option)

    Jarvis Walker

    Waternsake Battery Accessories (choose option)

    …To view price 1st select it from our order menu near our add to cart button then the price for that model will display. Watersnake Battery Terminal Kit Lead clamps with wing nuts are the most simple, effective and versatile method for connecting to your battery. They are also the most reliable.…

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  • Black Magic Twin Hook Shackle Rig For Game Lures

    Black Magic Tackle

    Black Magic Twin Hook Shackle Rig For Game Lures

    …lesson when we drop our first huge prize fish because we failed to consider the demands on our terminal tackle. Big, hard fighting game fish and pelagic species will quickly make short work of terminal tackle that is not up to the task. When rigging lures, we can also diminish the performance of our…

  • Jarvis Walker Tackle Kits (Species Pack)

    Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker Tackle Kits (Species Pack)

    …* The tackle box will last indefinitely, and will make excellent storage when re-stocking your terminal tackle. * Purchasing kits like this is a cost-effective way to stock up on expensive terminal tackle. * Each kit will cover varying fishing locations and weather conditions. Jarvis Walker are…

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  • Ball Bearing Swivels - (With Snap)

    Fishing Gear Other

    Ball Bearing Swivels - (With Snap)

    …eliminates tangles and twisting on the line * Favored among game fishers as solid dependable terminal tackle that is less likely to fail! When you’re targeting hard fighting fish, you want the best terminal tackle available, Ball Bearing Swivels with Snap won’t let you down, add some to…

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  • Black Magic C Point Suicide Hooks Box

    Black Magic Tackle

    Black Magic C Point Suicide Hooks Box

    Black Magic C Point Hooks Economy size value packs Suicide beak fishing hook When we check the price of terminal tackle in our regular retail outlets our hearts will often skip a beat. Get wise and thrifty and shop with us at Fishing Tackle Shop to avoid the ever rising cost of essentials such as…

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  • Crossline 3 Way Fishing Swivels (Pack of 10)

    Fishing Gear Other

    Crossline 3 Way Fishing Swivels (Pack of 10)

    terminal fishing tackle. Not only does it offer an extra connection point to add an additional lure or line, but it has become an essential requirement for a number of different rigs. Three-way swivels have also been known as Crossline swivel. Crossline swivels have become a vital piece of terminal

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  • Owner Rustop Rust Stopper For Hooks

    Owner Hooks & Tackle

    Owner Rustop Rust Stopper For Hooks

    …Save time. Catch more fish. The dedicated angler puts a tremendous amount of thought and consideration into all aspects of their fishing, and terminal tackle is no exception. Stainless steel hooks for example survive extremely well in a corrosive environment. The steel is softer however, the point…

  • Mustad Fastach Clip

    Mustad Hooks

    Mustad Fastach Clip

    …a story of how a clip has inexplicably uncoupled from the rig or lure, resulting in the loss of the best fish ever. Mustad continually refine terminal tackle design with the sole purpose of ensuring you catch more fish. The Mustad Fastach Clip is the latest innovation in fishing clips and is proving…

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  • Stren Fishing Line IGFA 1200 Metres


    Stren Fishing Line IGFA 1200 Metres

    …1200m Game fishing is an art that not only requires skill, effort and the perfect combination of high quality equipment and terminal tackle. Among the must have terminal pieces of tackle is a quality fishing line! The line is probably the most important piece of tackle because it’s what…

  • Halco Hamma Fishing Lure

    Halco Lures and Fishing Tackle

    Halco Hamma Fishing Lure

    …fish species. * Fitted with strong Mustad Trebles and Halco’s famous super strong split rings you don’t have to worry about your terminal gear failing. There is no need to upgrade your trebles straight out of the box. Note: Price is for 1 lure only - choose size and colour when ordering.…

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  • Shimano Fishing Backpack


    Shimano Fishing Backpack

    …all the room in the world to take a comprehensive selection of fishing equipment with you. The 4 supplied tackle boxes are ideal for all of your terminal tackle and will also a great selection of lures of all sizes, from soft plastics to hard body and big heavy meatal slices. There are dedicated…

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  • Shimano Tackle Bags - Tackle Storage Bag


    Shimano Tackle Bags - Tackle Storage Bag

    …kit of terminal tackle, Lures, leader, knives and pliers and other bit and pieces. The handles are ergonomic heavy duty, with comfortable grips. The webbing shoulder strap is super strong and has a soft shoulder pad for comfort. Each bag comes with 2 tackle boxes that are ideal for terminal tackle…

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  • Silstar Fishing Tackle Backpack


    Silstar Fishing Tackle Backpack

    …protected for the damaging salt water. The lower main section holds 4 tackle trays (supplied). These trays are perfect for keeping your lures and terminal tackle ordered and protected. There is ample storage in these boxes even for the angler that can’t leave home without taking the majority…

  • Todd Ignition Slugs Metal Spinning Lures

    EJ Todd and Son

    Todd Ignition Slugs Metal Spinning Lures

    …performance on a fast retrieve allowing the lure to cut through the water like a knife through butter. Todd Ignition Slugs are complete with quality terminal tackle hardware including a double strength VMC treble hook held on with a durable heavy duty split ring. Todd Ignition Slugs Metal Spinning…

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