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  • TT Headlockz Jig Heads

    TT Lures

    TT Headlockz Jig Heads

    …thanks to the split grip grub keeper, one of the main reasons HeadlockZ HD Jig heads saw TT Lures take out the AFTA best terminal tackle award. A common issue with many jig head brands is that the lure can be difficult to get to stay in place so that it sits perfectly to swim at peak performance.…

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  • TT Jig Heads - Head Hunter Series

    TT Lures

    TT Jig Heads - Head Hunter Series

    TT Jig heads head hunter series (Packet, most sizes have 10pcs - some have 8pcs see more details below) TT Lures provide an awesome selection of quality jig heads designed for just about every soft plastic lure application. The TT Head Hunter series are all about providing excellent value for money,…

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  • Pro Cure Gel Scent

    TT Lures

    Pro Cure Gel Scent

    …because you think the action of your lure is good enough. You also feel that it’s another process to go through that delays your cast. Pro Cure Super Gel Scent can be fiddly and messy. We’ll agree to a point, and there are several fishing lures on the market whose actions are utterly…

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  • TT Switchblade Lures

    TT Lures

    TT Switchblade Lures

    TT Switchblade Lures For Sale The TT’s Switchblade fishing lure has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for light tackle fisherman. It’s a metal blade style bait that is dominating in both the freshwater and saltwater angling scene, and it's mind-blowing seeing the size of some…

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  • TT Vortex Spinnerbaits

    TT Lures

    TT Vortex Spinnerbaits

    …us. TT Vortex Lure Buying Guide Here at Fishing Tackle Shop, we stock both 1/4oz and 3/4oz size vortex spinnerbaits. Below is a handy buying guide that touches a little further on the sizes to assist you in making an informed purchase. TT Lures Vortex ¼ oz Spinnerbait Fishing Lures If you…

  • TT Hardcore Metal Spinner

    TT Lures

    TT Hardcore Metal Spinner

    TT Hardcore Lure Metal spinner – Ideal for saltwater rock, surf and boat fishing Putting new life into old-school, the TT Hardcore Lure Metal Spinner fishing lures are back by popular demand and the classic species we know and love are smashing them with relish. Every angler is familiar with…

  • TT Buzzlockz Jig Heads

    TT Lures

    TT Buzzlockz Jig Heads

    …fresh water fishing applications. The TT Lures Buzzlockz Jig Head system for sale now makes the perfect addition to your lure collection. They're ideal for use in conjunction with soft plastic fishing lures or metal slugs. Buy a pack or selection now and upgrade the appeal of the lures in your kit.

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  • TT SnakelockZ Jig Heads

    TT Lures

    TT SnakelockZ Jig Heads

    …are catching fish on other colours and you aren't, or if your lure gets totalled by something toothy. * Versatile, not only are TT Snakelockz ideal for fishing soft plastics they can be used as a chin weight on specific other lures such as swimbaits. For sale at here at the fishing tackle shop,…

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  • TT Hidden Weight Jig Heads

    TT Lures

    TT Hidden Weight Jig Heads

    …your soft plastic lures perfectly placed, even with the most aggressive casting. * Slower more natural sink rate provided as opposed to heavy ball style head weighted jig heads increasing your chances of hookup. TT Hidden Weight Jig Heads provide the angler with access to the ultimate natural lure

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  • TT Rev Head Jig Heads

    TT Lures

    TT Rev Head Jig Heads

    …the big ones! You also use the TT Rev Head Colorado Blade jig heads with spinner bait skirts. The TT Rev Head jig heads have the same high quality we have come to expect from TT and are renowned for standing up against tough fighting Australian sportfish. The TT Rev Head Colorado Blade jig heads…

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  • TT Jig Spinners (Packet of 3)

    TT Lures

    TT Jig Spinners (Packet of 3)

    TT Jig Spinners (Packet of 3 pcs) Getting a fish to attack aggressively and instinctually, without a hint of caution, is the ultimate performance spec for any lure. Adding TT Jig Spinners to your soft plastics is the equivalent of supercharging the engine in your car. The results are spectacular.…

  • TT Jig Head Value Pack (25 Jig heads in tackle box)

    TT Lures

    TT Jig Head Value Pack (25 Jig heads in tackle box)

    TT Jig head value packs For Sale Value packs pretty well do all the sorting and guessing work for you. TT Jig Head Value packs take a heap of the mystery out of selection for the appropriate Jig head for your favourite soft plastics. Their compiled by the experts for specific targets but allow for…

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  • ZMan Minnowz Lures


    ZMan Minnowz Lures

    …Minnowz Lures soft plastic (Packet of 6 lures) – 3 Inch Size Just about every angler is looking for value for money with a packet of plastics. Getting value for money is wrapped up in durability. It’s a simple equation really, the more casts and fish you can get with the one lure the…

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  • Zman Grubz 2 inch Soft Plastic Lures


    Zman Grubz 2 inch Soft Plastic Lures

    …10 lures) Pro anglers demand a lure that that owns finesse fishing. Pro anglers are incredibly specific about the qualities of a lure destined for light rigs and the pressure of competition. The Zman grubz 2 inch fits the bill perfectly and hence the demand for these little wonder lures is shooting…

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  • Zman Grubz Lures (9 inch size)


    Zman Grubz Lures (9 inch size)

    lures total) Choose colour required when ordering * Recommended Size Jig heads: (not included) TT Headlockz HD hook size 6/0, 7/0 or 8/0 Benefits * Big lures attract big fish. The 9 inch is ideal for big fish such as a host of reef fish species. * Elaztech is incredibly strong and durable. Your lure

  • Berkley Powerbait T Tail Minnow Fishing Lures


    Berkley Powerbait T Tail Minnow Fishing Lures

    Berkley Powerbait T-Tail Minnow | Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Do you have trouble in luring fish and hardly ever get any catches? The Berkley Powerbait T-Tail Minnow is what you need to make fishing easy and convenient! Available in several attractive colours to choose from when ordering from our…

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