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  • Shimano Twin Power SW Reels


    Shimano Twin Power SW Reels

    …* Casting your Twin Power SW Fishing Reel is a joy. Aero Wrap II and Propulsion Line Management work seamlessly to provide astonishing cast distance and accuracy. * With 11kg (4000) to 25kg (10000 and 14000) of incredibly smooth X-Tough Drag, you have all of the stopping power you need to ensure…

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  • Shimano Twin Power XD Fishing Reel (light)


    Shimano Twin Power XD Fishing Reel (light)

    …capacity: 125 metres / 0.25mm diameter line * Approx Power pro braid capacity: 200 yards / 10lb * Small Sized Reel – ideal size for light-medium estuary for flathead, bass, bream and other light-medium fish species. Twin Power XD 4000XG (Medium Size) * Gear Ratio: 6.2:1 * Weight: 290g * Max…

  • Shimano Plays 4000 Electric Reel


    Shimano Plays 4000 Electric Reel

    …Plays 4000 Electric Reel The Shimano Plays 4000 Electric Reel has been a very popular for those anglers wanting the magic of an electric reel without the huge cost. The Shimano Plays 4000 Electric Reel for sale now has had an upgrade. The latest refurbished model makes the Plays 4000 performance…

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  • Shimano Stella 4000 SWB XG Fishing Reel


    Shimano Stella 4000 SWB XG Fishing Reel

    …Shimano Stella 4000SWB XG is up the challenge! The Shimano Stella 4000SWB XG Xtreme Gear (xtra fast gear)features a 6.2 : 1 gear ratio cranking at break neck pace 95cm of line per handle revolution. Perfect for throwing slices at fast moving pelagic fish without sacrificing lifting power when needed…

  • Shimano Hyperloop 4000 Fishing reel with line


    Shimano Hyperloop 4000 Fishing reel with line

    …to the higher end reels. Features and Specifications * 4000 size has a capacity of 219m of 4kg line * Pre-spooled with 4kg monofilament fishing line * Gear ratio 4.6:1 * Dyna-Balance * Aerowave line lay * Graphite spool and body * Power roller * P3 * Drag rating of 5kg * Is aimed at light to…

  • Shimano Baitrunner ST FB Baitrunner Reel


    Shimano Baitrunner ST FB Baitrunner Reel

    …and 4000. The 2500 is fantastic for working prawns, yabbies and other flesh baits around the jetties, piers wharves and structure for Bream, Flathead and Whiting. While finesse in size, there is more than enough grunt to deal with the common species you will encounter in these locations. The 4000

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  • Shimano Stradic FK Reel (Medium Sizes)


    Shimano Stradic FK Reel (Medium Sizes)

    …* Power Roller II * SR-Concept * Propulsion Line Management System * Aero Wrap II * 6.2:1 gear ratio Note: Images are for illustration purposes only – differences may occur - Price displayed is for 1 reel only - choose your size when ordering Size Specific Reel Specifications Stradic FK 4000

  • Shimano Stradic FL Reel


    Shimano Stradic FL Reel

    …methods, graphite rods with ratings between 4-10Kg are optimal. Shimano Stradic 4000 FL – This is where reel size gears up a few pegs. We now discuss heavy inshore. The 4000FL is home to tackling powerful freshwater fish like murray cod, saratoga and sooty grunter as it is for…

  • Shimano Nasci Reel


    Shimano Nasci Reel

    …on the flats, trout in the streams, bass in the creeks, (you get the picture). Use the 4000 to cast slices for Salmon from the beach. Try the 5000 from the rocks. You will have more than enough power to drop baits for snapper, and actually land them. Features and Specifications ModelPhysical…

  • Shimano Catana Reel


    Shimano Catana Reel

    …their fishing reels. Sized from 1000 through to 4000, the inshore waters are covered, both salt and fresh. You will be targeting all your Aussie favourites including Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Bass, Yellow Belly and a bunch more. Strap on the 4000 and toss a metal slice at the like of Tailor, Aussie…

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  • Shimano Baitrunner D Fishing Reel


    Shimano Baitrunner D Fishing Reel

    …differences in sizes and their main uses. Shimano Baitrunner 4000 D Reel The 4000 size is our smallest model for sale. A 4000 D is ideal for a wide range of applications from inshore to offshore. As it isn’t too large, the 4000 D makes an excellent river fishing reel for bream, flathead, and…

  • Shimano Baitrunner OC Fishing Reel


    Shimano Baitrunner OC Fishing Reel

    …fishing applications. The 4000 has the inshore grounds nailed, including the beach. Ideal for live worms and nippers, you’ll be chasing everything from big bream to big flathead. A 6000 OC is perfect for the beach and lighter rock fishing applications. It has all the power required for casting…

  • Shimano Stradic CI4 Reel


    Shimano Stradic CI4 Reel

    …classic examples. With a 4000 you are not just limited to inshore lakes and rivers, you’re positioned to fish light off the beaches or even offshore upon shallow reefs and substrate. Naturally, rod choice for a 4000 depends on what fishing style you choose. The 4000 will pair well with…

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  • Shimano Terez Rods


    Shimano Terez Rods

    …or TZS72MLBLK (Black) Length 7ft 2 Inches - Line Class 10-30LB (Suggested reel size 4000 to 6000) * TZS72MPW (White) or TZS72MBLK (Black) Length 7ft 2 Inches - Line Class 15-30LB (Suggested reel size 4000 to 8000) * TZS72MHPW (White) or TZSMHBLK (Black) Length 7ft 2 inches - Line Class 30-50LB…

  • Shimano Stella FJ Reel


    Shimano Stella FJ Reel

    Power Rating * Front Drag * Extra High Cast Rating Note: Price is for 1 reel only, choose size when ordering (pricing varies depending on model chosen) Multiple images for display and reference only. Shimano Stella FJ Buyers Guide The size range has all the inshore applications covered. The 4000 and…

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  • Shimano Nexave Reels


    Shimano Nexave Reels

    …2-5kg ideally. Same goes for the 3000 size, though you could pair it to a slightly heavier rated rod If desired. Medium Size Models (4000 or 5000 Size) Shimano Nexave 4000 and 5000 size models are the medium class size. They can make a bit of an all-round size really covering the bait fisho inshore…

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