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  • Jaz Syclon Vibe Fishing Lure

    Jaz Lures

    Jaz Syclon Vibe Fishing Lure

    …oyster racks, bridge pylons and other man made structures. It’s Time to make some room in your Vibe collection. The Jaz Syclon Vibe Fishing Lure is at the cutting edge of contemporary Vibe design and is turning the heads of anglers and fish alike. Purchase one or more from the great colour…

  • Jackall TN60 Fishing Lure

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall TN60 Fishing Lure

    …Jackall TN60 Fishing Lure hit the tackle shops in Australia. Since Its release on Australian shores, it has proven its self as one of the best vibe lures ever produced and sold accounting for more tournament wins than fingers on your hands. Of course, here at the fishing tackle shop, we stock…

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  • Samaki Vibelicious Lures


    Samaki Vibelicious Lures

    vibe fishing lure. Sometimes it’s all a fish will take. Often after a day on the water throwing everything at whatever for nothing, a change to a soft plastic vibe can reap astonishing results. We also know there is a growing trend toward the soft plastic style vibe. Is this plastic style vibe

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  • Jackall Transam Lures

    Jackall Lures

    Jackall Transam Lures

    …Jackall Transam 20 gram plastic vibe has recorded breathtaking catches of trophy Mulloway, threadfin salmon and Barramundi. We all know that Barra have a special love affair with lures, but the bigger end of the species have become particularly fond of the Plastic Vibe. The Jackall Transam is poking…

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  • Profishent Vixen Vibe Lure

    Profishent Tackle

    Profishent Vixen Vibe Lure

    Profishent Vixen Vibe Lure Yellowbelly fisherman take note, a new lure has hit our shelves and is creating a storm. A tournament quality vibe that will awaken shutdown sleepy yellow giants. We introduce the Vixen Vibe Lure by Profishent Tackle. Vixen Vibe lures are versatile in design at 65mm and…

  • Zerek Fish Trap Lures


    Zerek Fish Trap Lures

    Zerek Fish Trap Lures Curl Tail Vibe Fishing Lure If you were given the option of having only one lure type in your kit, the Zerek Fish Trap Lures for sale now would have to be in the final selection cut. They’re the epitome of versatility, with an exceptional lipless crankbait design, build…

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  • Strike Pro Astro Vibe Lure

    Strike Pro

    Strike Pro Astro Vibe Lure

    Strike Pro Astro Vibe Lure The Strike Pro Astro Vibe Lure is a vibe with a difference. If you have heard of the Strike Pro Cyber vibe fishing lure then this is the next evolution. The Astro Vibe incorporates a Polycarbonate belly with built in rattles. This adds a couple of functions that stands out…

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  • Duo Bay Ruf Vibe Lure

    Duo Lures

    Duo Bay Ruf Vibe Lure

    …feel when after the first cast, you find out they perform even better than they look. The Duo Bay Ruf Vibe for sale now is something of a hybrid. The Duo Bay Ruf Vibe lure takes the action of a vibe and seamlessly melds it with the performance of a minnow, creating a tight wave motion that maintains…

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  • Berkley Shimma Shad Lure


    Berkley Shimma Shad Lure

    …is a brilliant soft vibe that will provide access to a huge range of fish; big, record big and pan fry. You're missing out if you haven't got Berkley Shimma Shad Vibes in your kit. Features and Specifications * Type: Soft vibe * Profile: Shad (Paddle or Fork Tail Vibe) * Lengths/Weights: 65mm/10g,…

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  • Chasebaits Rip Snorter Lure


    Chasebaits Rip Snorter Lure

    …Rip Snorter Lure The Chasebaits Rip Snorter Lure is a 90mm 10x material soft vibe. The Rip Snorter is by no means your average soft vibe however, as it has the distinction of being the world’s first truly weedless vibe. This changes everything. We all get the jitters when fishing the structure…

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  • Daiwa BG Reels

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa BG Reels

    …jewfish and the like or the angler that prefers to fish offshore on the light side for snapper, tiger flathead and other reef fish on plastics, vibes or slow jigs. Heavy Fishing Styles Covered - Choose a 4500, 5000, 6500 or 8000 size for your beach, rock or boat fishing angling requirements. From…

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  • Strike Pro Cyber Vibe Lures

    Strike Pro

    Strike Pro Cyber Vibe Lures

    …that attracts a larger class of fish than its small size would indicate. The Strike Pro Cyber Vibe Lures for sale here at the fishing tackle shop, lifts the bar on vibe design and finish. Easy to use, the Strike Pro is perfect for those new to vibes and the seasoned pros. Buy one or a selection now.

  • Daiwa Seabass Fishing Rods

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Seabass Fishing Rods

    …Large blades and vibes or mid-sized plastic lures will also work a treat on the 96ML Seabass Rod. Model 106M – Getting a little lengthier now. Casting distance is improved and ideal for both beach and rock fishing. Designed to cast a variety of lures including metals, vibes and hardbodies as…

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  • Bream Fishing Rod & Reel Combo - Shakespeare Wild Series


    Bream Fishing Rod & Reel Combo - Shakespeare Wild Series

    …Bream Rod & Reel Combo has you covered. Cast small walk the dog stick baits at the canal banks or over weed beds during the warmer months. Drop vibes at the estuary entrance when the weather turns cool and the fish gather deeper in the water column. You can drift live nippers across the banks…

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  • River 2 Sea Spittin Wa Frog Lure

    River 2 Sea

    River 2 Sea Spittin Wa Frog Lure

    …lures and indeed lure manufacturers. Your tackle shelf is a total revolution on what it was 15 to 20 years ago. Amidst the shads, grubs, worms and vibes are a bunch of plastic frogs. The early days of frog lures left a lot to be desired and at best might be described as novelty value only. Things…

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  • Daiwa Tatula 150 Reel Baitcaster

    Daiwa Fishing

    Daiwa Tatula 150 Reel Baitcaster

    …in the rivers or impoundments. Toss swim baits at Murray Cod in a pristine river. Work soft plastics in a remote pond for aggressive Bass or drop vibes at Bream in the colder months. Weighing in at only 225 grams, the Tatula is built to be cast all day with a complete absence of fatigue. Sitting low…

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