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  • Chasebaits Rip Snorter Lure


    Chasebaits Rip Snorter Lure

    …Snorter Lure is a 90mm 10x material soft vibe. The Rip Snorter is by no means your average soft vibe however, as it has the distinction of being the world’s first truly weedless vibe. This changes everything. We all get the jitters when fishing the structure with our favourite lures. Many a…

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  • Keitech Easy Shiner Lures


    Keitech Easy Shiner Lures

    …more attractive, compelling even the most sluggish fish to aggressive strikes. * The lure will accept any number of setups, from heavier jig heads for deeper work to weedless jigs. The Keitech Easy Shiner Lures for sale now is an outstanding, high-performance soft plastic well suited to more fish…

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  • Keitech Shad Impact Lures


    Keitech Shad Impact Lures

    …fishing QTY Per Pack 4 inch – 8 lures (suggested jig head hook size 1/0 or if using weedless hook 2/0) 5 inch – 6 Lures (suggested jig head hook size 2/0 or if using weedless hook 3/0) Note: Price is for one single packet of Keitech Shad impact Lures only. Choose the size/colour you…

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  • Tiemco Panic Cicada Lures


    Tiemco Panic Cicada Lures

    …yourself, the difference a top shelf lure can make to your catch. Features and Specifications * Type: Topwater * Buoyancy: Floating * Size: 40mm * Weight: 4g * Price is for 1x Packet of 3 Lures (choose colour when ordering) * Lures are unrigged - Ideal hooks are weedless Mustad megabyte size 4 (sold…

  • Silstar Slapstix Lures


    Silstar Slapstix Lures

    …Silstar Slapstix fishing lure gives you the ultimate soft plastic lure designed to last for many captures. * Silstar Slapstix soft plastic fishing lures can be rigged weighted or unweighted. Again, this shows how versatile the baits are. Rigging the slapstix with a weedless worm hook will also allow…

  • Live Target Swimbait Lures

    Live Target

    Live Target Swimbait Lures

    …further refine the lure to targets and conditions. Fit further weight for fishing deeper in the water column. Add a treble for greater security come strike time. The addition of a spinner blade will create awesome flashes to stimulate a sluggish bite. Live Target Swimbait Lures are big baits for…

  • Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lures


    Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lures

    …illustration only. Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lure Buying Guide The Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lures for sale now is a premium plastic fishing lure that has proven deadly in many locations and situations. The Fat Impact can be rigged in any number of ways from weedless to weighted, to heavily weighted,…

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  • Chasebaits Wiggle Bomb Lures Tadpole


    Chasebaits Wiggle Bomb Lures Tadpole

    …Specifications * Profile: Tadpole lure / frog lure (like pattern) * Length: 35mm / 8 grams (2 lures in the packet) or 60mm / 20 grams (1 lure in the packet) * Buoyancy: Slow Sink * Retrieve: High Tip, like wake Bait, Roll, Drop Down Ledges * Hooks: Twin Custom Weedless * Body – Soft plastic…

  • Berkley Powerbait Gotam Shad Lures


    Berkley Powerbait Gotam Shad Lures

    …Powerbait Gotam Shad for sale now will change the way you look at soft plastic fishing lures. Essentially, after the first time you use one, the lure you’ll look at most often is your Powerbait Gotam Shad Lures. The Shad will be a go-to master plastic whenever and wherever you fish the inshore…

  • Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider Lure


    Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider Lure

    …Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider Lure in your lure stash now, and experience the joys of fishing with award-winning lures. Features and Specifications * Profile: Spider fishing lure * Weight:7 grams * Hooks: twin, wide-gap, upturned hooks * Depth: Topwater * Buoyancy: Floating * Weedless design * Hollow…

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  • Chasebaits Bobbin Frog Lure


    Chasebaits Bobbin Frog Lure

    …where frogs make a meal of themselves, the Chasebaits Bobbin Frog Lure will become a go-to fishing lure of choice for attracting a bigger, better class of fish, more often. Constructed from the legendary 10X tough material, the lures are incredibly hard wearing yet swim and perform in such a way is…

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  • Lunkerhunt Prop Frog Lure


    Lunkerhunt Prop Frog Lure

    Lunkerhunt Prop Frog Lure The Lunkerhunt Prop Frog lure for sale now has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. With a massive selection of frog lures gracing the lure shelves, the Lunkerhunt Prop Frog Lure has put up its flipper as a class above the rest in performance and versatility. Anglers…

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  • Chasebaits Flick Prawn Lure


    Chasebaits Flick Prawn Lure

    …Prawn Lure (formally named smash prawn but re-named prior to release) * Profile: Prawn * Size Options: 95mm, Hook size: 3/0, 4.0 grams OR 125mm, 7/0 hook, 8.0 grams * Rigged with hook and weight ready to fish. * Material: 10X Tough soft Plastic construction * Retrieve: Slow roll / Twitch * Weedless

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  • Powerbait Frog Lure Power Pop


    Powerbait Frog Lure Power Pop

    …included) Weedless design * Buoyancy: Floating * Built in rattle * Powerbait scent and flavour infused * Silicon trailing legs * Ideal for freshwater fishing. Perfect for Australian bass, saragoga, barramundi, cod and a host of other freshwater fish. Note: Price is for 1 Powerbait frog lure only.…

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  • Chasebaits Mud Bug Yabby Lure


    Chasebaits Mud Bug Yabby Lure

    …The weedless hook arrangement encourages anglers to get right into weeds and structure where predators a poised to strike. * Mudbugs are an easy fishing lure to use. Such is the construction you can literally do nothing, letting current extract peak action for you. The Chasebaits Mud Bug Yabby Lure

  • Zerek Shrimp Lure (50mm Size)


    Zerek Shrimp Lure (50mm Size)

    Zerek Live Shrimp Lure 50mm Size There are plenty of plastic Shrimp lures or prawn lures out there and for the most part they’re not much more than shelf filler. The 50mm Zerek Live Shrimp however, is a master mimic, presenting a prawn action and behaviour that is yet to be rivalled in the…

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Related Categories: Chasebaits | Trout | Wiggle Bomb
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